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Training scouts

When faced with training scouts, some leaders think that all they have to do is explain the relevant information and the scouts will understand and take appropriate action.
It doesn't always seem to work like this. If scouts aren't in the mood to learn then teaching anything can be an uphill struggle.

The Scout Association is an educational movement. Over many years it has developed methods of training that have proved to be highly successful and effective. 
Some points to consider are:

A sense of achievement

Recognising and acknowledging achievement is vital. Badges are a means of recognising these achievements but Leaders should share Scout’s achievement by praising and encouraging them with parents, friends and the rest of the group.

When planning be sure to consider:
•    Time available.
•    The use of specialists who could greatly enhance the experience.
•    The most effective way to deliver the information.
•    Resources needed.
•    Whether Scouts will work individually or in Patrols.


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