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Learning difficulties

Everyone has to cope with learning challenges on occasions, but it is the point at which such challenges become a problem in everyday life that they can be termed as presenting learning difficulties and extra help may be needed.

Difficulty vs disability

What are learning difficulties?

Learning difficulties can be used to describe a range of problems, which arise from a number of causes.  Obviously anyone who has a  learning difficulty will need extra help, patience and understanding whilst undertaking any activities

There are a range of difficulties that an individual with learning difficulties may experience, from delays when processing new tasks to severe conditions where even the simplest tasks or activities present an impossible mission.

What are learning disabilities?

Learning disabilities affect the way an individual understands and communicates. Learning disabilities may mean an individual has difficulties:

A learning disability is a permanent condition, which cannot be cured. It can be mild, moderate or severe. Some people with a mild learning disability can talk easily and look after themselves, but take a bit longer than usual to learn new skills. Others may not be able to communicate at all and have more than one disability. The most commonly known learning disability is Down’s Syndrome.

Individuals with learning disabilities can be slow to acquire knowledge and skills and in some cases basic life skills may present as a challenge. However, those with learning disabilities display a wide variety of abilities and limitations and there is no substitute for getting to know each individual well.

Practical tips

Obviously, knowing the capabilities and skills of the individual concerned is essential and ongoing conversations with the individual, as well as their parents will be invaluable. Other things you should bear in mind are:

Scouting can offer opportunities to experience companionship and success both as an individual and as a member of a team.


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