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Resources to Support the Scheme

Preparing to Lead

This is the delivery guide for volunteers who deliver the scheme. It provides information about the Scheme, a full breakdown of all the modules, missions and practical activities for bringing the scheme to life. You can purchase the delivery guide from Scout Store or click the image above to download a PDF.

The Explorer Scout Young Leader Logbook

The logbook enables ESYLs to keep track of what they have completed in the Scheme and gives the space to reflect on their learning. It also provides some information for section leaders on what the missions are and some guidance on the next steps for completing. You can purchase the logbook from Scout Store or click the image above to download as a PDF.

More resources

Links between adult training and the Young Leader Scheme (PDF)

Young People First, Guidance for Young Leaders (orange card) (PDF)

-You can order printed copies of the orange card at scouts.org.uk/shop.

Programme Planning Tool BETA - Information for Young Leaders (PDF)

Scouts Scotland also have some great resources on their website to support the delivery of the scheme. These can be found on their website here; https://www.scouts.scot/members/programme/young-leaders/module-resources-1/

About the updates (May 2018)

In response to feedback from members and to help and make running the Scheme simpler, a volunteer project team has been working hard to create two refreshed resources that will help those delivering the Scheme and the Explorer Scout Young Leaders’ (ESYLs) themselves with tracking their progress.

What has been updated?

The two updated resources are:

The team reviewed all of the feedback from enquiries, Your Programme Your Voice, events and research from the last 18 months.

The top trends were:

What has changed (The Explorer Scout Young Leader Logbook)?

The Logbook has been reviewed and cut down to the most important information. At 34 A5 pages, the Logbook is much more condensed. ESYLs fed back that there was too much writing and leaders were conscious that this could make it feel like an academic activity. Therefore, the amount of writing that ESYLs need to do has been reduced. However, small amounts have been kept for reflection and to make notes. It is important for ESYLs to remember what they have done and to think about what they have learned from doing it. This can often be done through discussion too.

In the Logbook, there is an area for Section Leaders to help them understand what the missions are all about and for them to write a short comment on how a mission went. This should increase Section Leader awareness of the missions and gives the ESYL something concrete to show to their Section Leader.

This book is now also available to buy from Scout Shops at the cost of £2.

What has changed (Preparing to Lead)?

Preparing to Lead has become a much more in-depth and flexible resource with the aim of collating all information for deliverers of the Scheme in one singular place. It is an A4 resource, allowing ESLYLs to take pages out as needed. The format will help with training delivery and also provides information that can be photocopied and supplied to different roles with the aim of saving the ESLYL time.

Part one of the book includes information all about the Scheme. From an overview of the modules and missions; how to support different roles with understanding the Scheme and how to support ESYLS with what is next- it is a one stop place for everything about the ESYLs’ Scheme.

Part two of the book contains the modules for training. The changes to the modules are minimal as the primary focus of the review was to update the guidance and resources that support the Scheme, not to change the Scheme as a programme.

A few small changes have been made to either update a module or to add more value where an additional activity could be run with a different sized group following repeated feedback. The changes area:

  • All of the modules- where an activity didn’t work for every group size a new activity has been added. Group sizes for the activities are now suggested.

The book also contains Icebreaker Ideas and appendices to aid with delivery of the modules and reference examples. The book is designed to save time for ESLYLs and consolidate useful information and resources.

Thank you to everyone who has supported the review

A huge thank you to the Explorer Scout Young Leader Project Team (Lizzie, Steven, Simon, Dano and James) for their work over the last year in developing the resources and testing them with their young people.

A big thank you to everyone who was involved in feeding back and reviewing the refreshed resources and to everyone who attended the Explorer Scout Young Leader Focus Day. Your enthusiasm was fantastic and your feedback incredibly valuable.

Lastly, thank you to everyone who delivers the Explorer Scout Young Leaders’ Scheme to young people all over the UK and in BSO- you are making a huge difference, supporting ESYLs to develop life skills, grow in confidence and to stand out from the crowd.

FAQS- for the changes

I am an ESLYL and I have ESYLs doing the Scheme currently about the finish- do they now have to complete module J?
The changes to the Scheme are to make the Scheme more valuable for ESYLs and easier to deliver. There are no issues with the current Scheme and you can continue to deliver as you are for the next 12 months. Any ESYLs finishing in this time do not need to have completed Module J.

It should be noted that Module J has been introduced to shine a light on the importance of developing communication skills and being able to talk about skills. Therefore, where you can the ESYLs should complete Module J as it is to their benefit.

By May 2019, Module J should be included in your ESYL Scheme module offering.

More FAQs about the Scheme as a whole can be found in the updated Preparing to Lead resource.

Updated: 11/09/2019



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