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Forming a District Scout Network

It is a requirement of Policy, Organisation and Rules that every District has one District Scout Network only. Exceptions to this model will be considered. Nevertheless, some aspects should be considered in the early stages of forming or renewing a District Scout Network:

1. Number of members

There is no fixed minimum number of members for the establishment of a District Scout Network.

2. Effective leadership
The District Commissioner will appoint a District Scout Network Commissioner  who may in turn appoint Programme Coordinators

3. Executive committee support
When a District Scout Network is established, the District Executive Committee must be aware of the responsibilities that they are taking on.
This could be achieved by running an information evening for Executive Committee Members.

4. Set-up costs and funding
When a District Scout Network is established, the District Executive Committee needs to bear reasonable set-up and implementation costs until such time as the District Scout Network achieves self-funding.

5. Appropriate meeting venues
The District Scout Network should be offered one or more suitable venues in which to hold meetings. All parties should agree the level of any charges that will be incurred by the District Scout Network. It may be beneficial to produce and sign a hosting agreement to ensure that all parties understand the framework for use of a venue.

6. A plan for developing the Scout Network
A plan should be agreed for the development of the Scout Network in consultation with the District Scout Network Commissioner, District Commissioner, District Executive and Scout Network Members.

The first 100 days of a District Scout Network

Each District is different and all will be starting the adventure of rebooting Scout Network from different positions. The majority of Districts have no current Scout Network provision but a small number do and will already have some experience.

The first 100 days is a key phase in the development of every District Scout Network. We have produced a simple diagram that outlines what the first 100 days may look like. It is intended as a guiding document outlining the key milestones to help get your District Scout Network up and running. In some Districts the process may be quicker and in others may be slightly slower. The milestones should be fitted to local circumstances rather than being used as a rigid guide.

First 100 days of Scout Network


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