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Registration forms

Every Scout Group, District and County/Area/Region Scotland is a charity in it’s own right.  As such the Scouts have a registration system for the creation of new Groups or Districts, the change in registration of Groups or Districts,  the amalgamation of Groups or Districts or the moving of a Group from one District to another.  The forms below will help collect the information needed to undertake this.

For any change, the relevant Executives need to show that they are happy for the changes to occur. 

A copy of the form will need to be sent to the Scout Information Centre and they will make the necessary changes to Compass.  This form will be passed to the Heritage Team as a permanent record.

Form C  Registration of a new Scout Group

Form C2  Change in registration of a Scout Group
Form C3  Move of a Scout Group to a different District

Form D  Registration of a New Scout District
Form D2  Change of registration of a District
Form D3  Amalgamation of Districts  (Please read the Procedure information on the form)


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