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Expedition Supervisor's course outline

The Expedition Supervisor training course helps supervisors understand their role and tasks, manage risk and provide the best quality expedition experience possible for all young people.

This is a one-day optional course for those who wish to expand their knowledge and understanding of this area of the DofE programme. Before the course you will be asked to complete an online e-induction module.

What will you cover during the course?

Supervisor's knowledge

A supervisor must have a good level of knowledge in three areas:

This training course only covers the first of these areas, DofE knowledge.

Technical skills

Technical skills can be evidenced by the possession of a permit for the activity or a national governing body qualification, although this is not a requirement, along with a first response certificate. The County Adviser is responsible for assessing the technical and people skills of a supervisor.

The Scout Association rules

Don't forget that the expedition still needs to follow The Scout Association rules for the activities being undertaken, this includes the group holding nights away passports or the supervisor staying on the same campsite and holding a nights away permit of the correct type. For the activity this also applies; so if the activity falls within the adventurous activity permit scheme, then one of the following options apply:

  1. All members of the group hold personal permits for the activity.
  2. A member of the group holds a leadership permit for the activity.
  3. The supervisor holds a supervisory permit for the activity and operates within the limitations of this permit, such as distance to the group, and so on.




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