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InTouch FAQs

Does this system mean I need to do lots of paperwork before running an event?

No. Following a review of existing procedures this system has been brought in to replace the Home Contact scheme. It has been designed to be as user-friendly and un-bureaucratic as possible, so should actually ease the process of running events.

Does this mean I do not need to find someone at home to act as a point of contact every time we go away?

There is no requirement to involve a third party in this role. However, for some events, having a third party involved could be the best way to manage the system, especially for larger, longer or overseas trips or events.

Why is there a need to go through this process for the normal weekly meeting?

The reasons behind having a properly thought-out InTouch system in place remain just as valid whether you are in your normal meeting place or overseas. You probably do most, or all, of what is required anyway, it’s just a check to see that you have covered everything.

Do I need to find a third party to act as a point of contact for my weekly meetings?

No. There’s no requirement to have a third party available for any event unless it is decided that is the best way of managing the system. It seems unlikely that this would ever be the best way of managing the system for a weekly meeting.

What’s to stop me not bothering with this system?

All activities require approval from your Commissioner (POR 9.1b&c), so they will expect a suitable system to be in place. Additionally, this system is there to support and help you when organising activities and events, so ignoring it is likely to cause more problems for yourself than anyone else.

Are we asking the District Commissioner to be constantly available every time any Group in their District is doing anything in case of an emergency?

No. In the event of an emergency the home Scout authority will need to be contacted. In most cases this is likely to be the District Commissioner, and they are likely to want to be involved and aware of what’s going on anyway. If the District Commissioner is not available then this role can be carried out by their nominee. The important aspect is that the leadership team know who to contact and how to contact them in the case of an emergency.

Does this mean we have to allow young people to bring mobile phones on events?

No. This is a decision for the leadership team to make as part of looking at the InTouch System for the event. And if they are brought along it may be useful to have some guidelines or agreement as to their use.

Are we expecting organisers of large (District or County) events to use this system for all the people at an event?

Organisers of large events will need to have an InTouch System in place, but this may deal with groups or contingents at the event rather than individuals. The groups or contingents would then have their own InTouch System dealing with the individuals they are responsible for.

How can Network be expected to use this system?

The system is designed to be flexible enough to work just as well for Network as for any other section. Naturally the systems set up to record who is present, next of kin details etc are likely to be different from the other sections due to the more flexible, drop-in style of Network.

Why are we expecting adult events to use this system?

The reasons behind having a properly thought-out InTouch system in place remain just as valid whatever the age of the participants, so an InTouch system needs to be in place for all adult events, and also include details of any adults present at an event for young people.

If I do use a third party as a point of contact, why do they need to be CRB checked?

It is a requirement of The Scout Association that anyone aged 18 or over undertaking any responsibilities in Scouting must undertake a Personal Enquiry.

If I do use a third party as a point of contact, can they be related to anyone involved in the activity?

The third party can be related to a member of the event party, however if this is the case then the leadership team will need to have thought about how the system will work if the third party’s relative is involved in an emergency and they are not in a position to be able to carry out their role.

Where can I find more information about InTouch?

All information on InTouch can be found at www.scouts.org.uk/intouch.

Has this been made up by people sitting in offices?

No. InTouch is the result of a year-long, movement-wide consultation about what members would like to see in a system to make it work effectively for them. This was followed by a six-month trial in three Counties to give active Leaders the chance to tweak it and ensure it worked as an effective tool.



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