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Video toolkit

Video does not need to complicated or expensive – and anyone can do it. Great ideas and a good understanding of what Scouting stands for are more important than lots of high end equipment.

Anyone with a reasonably recent smart phone or camera with a video function should be able to produce videos that promote the fun, challenge and adventure of Scouting. To help you produce good quality, on brand video with a minimum of expense, technical expertise, software we have put together a toolkit of resources.

Animated logo

Use this animated version of the Scout logo as an eye catching way to open your video. It will also clearly brand the video as Scouting, improving recognition for our charity and demonstrating your ownership of the content.

Stock footage of Scouting activities

Here you will find links to high resolution footage of young people enjoying the everyday adventure of Scouting. You have permission to use it in part or full in your own films to help give a wider perspective of the variety of activities and the diversity of our membership.
Beaver Scout activities - Quicktime - High resolution Quicktime
Cub Scout activities - Quicktime - High resolution Quicktime
Scout activities - Quicktime - High resolution Quicktime
Explorer Scout activities - Quicktime - High resolution Quicktime

Scout intro sequence - Quicktime - High resolution Quicktime

Video slide generator

On the Print Centre we have added a tool which allows you to create title graphics in the Scout Serif Black font. The first option is perfect for an introduction slide and to be used at various points in the video when you want to get across a key message. The second option is for your final slide and call to action. It is best to use uppercase text at the start and end of the video, and only use lowercase if you have longer text. Remember it is best to let the images do the talking, so use these slides sparingly. Do remember to include a call to action (what you want the viewer to do) at the end of the video.

To access the slide generator, log into scouts.org.uk using your normal username and password and click on Print Centre in the My Tools menu. Once in the Print Centre, you will see the slide generator thumbnail in the bottom right hand corner.

Royalty free music

Music will give energy, personality and pace to your video, so it’s important to choose carefully. Unfortunately you cannot simply use your favourite track by a favourite artist as it would infringe the artist’s copyright. However a wide variety of low cost royalty free music is available. One example is AKM Music which specialises in royalty free music; the tracks 'Circles' and 'Electrify' are perfect to set an inspiring tone.

Video editing

There are a range of editing apps to help you create your video sequences by using mobile and desktop editing systems. If you need extra help, use an online tutorial, we have provided a few examples below.

Apple IOS /iPhone/iPad
- iMovie app

Android – Some phones are supplied with integrated video editing apps and a limited number of other video editing too are available. We recommend that you read the product descriptions and reviews to help you decide which is the best product for you.
- Powerdirector app

Windows Phone
- Movie Edit Touch

- Movie Maker

- iMovie app

Top tips

  1. Plan or storyboard your messages and prepare a list of shots you need to capture. Time spent thinking about the story you want to tell (and whose story it is) will be well spent.
  2. Hold your camera steady or use a tripod to steady your shot. Some people tuck their elbows in to their sides, whilst other might hold their elbows out. Try a few positions and use the one that helps you most comfortably hold your device to maintain a nice steady shot.
  3. Keep your digits clear! Sometimes the rush to capture an incredible moment leads to footage that's obscured because your finger was over the lens.
  4. Orient your camera. In general most video is meant to be seen in the horizontal (or landscape) orientation. Some people shoot video on their phones in the vertical (also known as portrait) orientation.
  5. If you're trying to capture a lot of action, don’t be afraid to take a step back and hold your device still. Too much camera motion can create confusion, so just allow the action to go in and out of frame. And don't forget to focus!
  6. If you have a phone with a built-in camera you can capture something interesting when it happens. Keep your phone handy and record often — you never know when an amazing visual opportunity will arise.
  7. Get a variety of shot sizes including different angles and of different magnification. This will add interest and give you more choices when it comes to the editing stage.
  8. Take up to ten seconds of each shot before you move onto the next one. Too short a clip may feel jerky when used in the final film. Get shots of other things to use to cut away to and break up your edit. A good film will have pace and variety of both content and style.
  9. Adjust your camera height to the eye level of your subject. We want to hear what people have to say and be able to see their expressions.
  10. Use an external microphone and capture the sound close to your subject. Poor sound will ruin your film no matter how brilliant your visuals.
  11. Control your lighting and consider exposure and sunlight. This can add a great deal to the overall tone and feel of your film. Too bright or too dark and you will lose detail.
  12. Keep your edit short, maximum three minutes, and ensure it communicates your messages. Remember your audience will have a limited amount of time and patience and lots of other things they might want to watch!


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