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Section Leader Teams

Planning and managing the Section

The operation of the section (a Colony, a Pack, a Troop or a Unit must be overseen by a Leader, or team of Leaders.

A Section Leader team comprises of all:

Working with this wider Section Leadership team, the Section Leader(s) have responsibility for the planning of the programme and the management of the section.

Delivering great programmes

The delivery of the programme is the responsibility of the wider Section Leadership team (see above), led by the Section Leader. 

Additional adults (for example parents, subject experts from the community) may be used on an occasional basis to support the programme delivery.  All additional adults need to conform to the Personal Enquiry and criminal records disclosures checks requirements detailed in POR Rules 3.26(b) The Appointment of Adults or 4.28(b) The Appointment of Adults in the Scout District.  (Note that this does not mean that all additional adults need a disclosure – but it is important to ensure that the requirements of those POR rules are followed.)

Explorer Scout Young Leaders

Explorer Scout Young Leaders are part of the Section Leadership team but remain the responsibility of the Section Leader for the section they are volunteering with i.e. Beaver Scout Leader if volunteering in a Colony and must adhere to POR Rule 4.37 The Appointment of Explorer Scout Young Leaders.

Additional Adults

A person who requires a Personal Enquiry under POR Rules 3.26(b) The Appointment of Adults or 4.28(b) The Appointment of Adults in the Scout District  (including where relevant a criminal records disclosure check) must be registered on Compass as an Occasional Helper. 

Essentially an occasional helper, which requires a personal enquiry and criminal records check is someone who will be:

Occasional Helpers are not entitled to membership status or benefits (including certain member insurances) and the recording on Compass is only provided to enable the Personal Enquiry and criminal records disclosure checks to be conducted.

Adult Training

Parents of our Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorer Scouts reasonably expect all our adults to be appropriately skilled for their roles.

Members of the Section Leader Team are required to undertake training as required by (and within timescales specified in) Table 1 in POR The Appointments Process.

Role descriptions

View the range of Group-based role descriptions here.


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