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Style guide: C



capitals – Use capital letters in the following instances:  
Do not use initial capitals:

canvas is material on which artists paint. People canvass opinion during an election.


catch-22 – always use lower case unless specifically referring to Joseph Heller’s fantastic novel.

CD, CDs, CD-Rom

Celsius is written without degree symbol. 23C, -3C, and so on. There is no need to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit but if you must, multiply by 9, divide by 5, then add 32; to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius, subtract 32, divide the answer by 9, then multiply by 5 (or use one of the many online calculators)
centimetres can be abbreviated to cm with no space between it and the figure: 5cm

census not capitalised, but The Scout Association Census

Certificate of Appointment

Chair is widely viewed as an acceptable substitute for Chairman/Chairwoman/Chairperson. However, there are specific appointments of Chairman within Scouting and this term can be used when referring to the appointment or role title only. Use lower case for 'chair' appointment when outside Scouting.

challenges see badges/Awards

Channel Islands is upper case

Charity Commission

charity numbers Registered charity numbers 306101 (England and Wales) and SC038437 (Scotland). Always add ‘Incorporated by Royal Charter’.

Charity Trustee - capitals when a Scouting or Guiding role, lower case for other organisations

chavs is derogatory, never use


Chew – when referring to a Beaver Scout 'Chew'

chickenpox is one word

Chief Commissioner

chief rabbi

Chief Scout is the title given to the lead volunteer for UK Scouting

Chief Scout's Bronze/Silver/Gold Award (please note the position of the apostrophe)

Child Protection Policy

Christian is upper case, as is Christianity. Avoid any references to Christian names though. The preferred reference is first name.

Christmas not Xmas

church is lower case except when referring to the Church of England, Church of Scotland

Code of Practice - capitals when a Scouting policy, lower case when outside Scouting context

Colony as in Beaver Scout Colony

commercially-led activity – not Commercially Led Activity

Commissioner, County Commissioner, UK Chief Commissioner

Committee of the Council – now known as the Board of Trustees

Commons, House of Commons but the house thereafter

Commons committees are generally lower case: public accounts committee, education select committee

Commonwealth, the

Community Action Development Programme

compass points are lower case for regions: the north, the south of Scotland, the south-west, north-east Scotland, south Wales. Use caps when it is part of a county name (East Sussex).

Note the following: East End, West End (London), West Country, Middle East, Latin America, North America, South America
company names should be written exactly as the company itself would, wherever possible (especially with partners)

complement/compliment/complimentary – To complement is to get on well with or to complete: ‘The new resources complement the global zone extremely well.’

To compliment is to praise: ‘The leader paid me a very nice compliment’.

Complimentary means something you get free: ‘The complimentary chocolates were a lovely touch.’

conditions/illness see illness and conditions

contractions - Use contractions for informal tone of voice (see our brand guidelines for tone of voice guidance) ie. Can’t instead of cannot and It’s instead of it is.

co-operate, co-operation, co-operative

Co-operative bank, Co-operative group

co-ordinate, co-ordinator, capital for Co-ordinator if part of Scouting role title

continent, the as in mainland Europe

County  See Areas/Counties/Regions/Districts

County Commissioner

County Adviser 

Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) preferred reference is CRB check or Criminal Records Bureau check, try and avoid saying Criminal Records check
Cub Scout or Cubs Individual members are referred to as Scouts whenever possible. This includes adults as well as young people.

Cub Scout Leader 



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