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Style guide: F


Facts and figures
Factsheet – All one word and lowercase 'f'. Titles of factsheets should be written as ‘factsheet International Travel (FS654321)’.

Fairtrade The Fairtrade mark is a certification system run by the Fairtrade Foundation but fair trade refers to the movement as a whole. For example, ‘only fair trade will enable farmers in developing countries to become self sufficient’. 

fairytale – one word, noun and adjective

far east but east Asia or even south-east Asia is preferable

Ferny Crofts Scout Activity Centre but the activity centre thereafter

fete – no need for an accent

fiance male, fiancee female

figures see numbers

Fire and Rescue Service rather than the Fire Brigade

firefighter rather than fireman

first aid is lower case but First Response (with capitals) is the name of the book which advises adults on how to act in first aid situations

Flag Break - capitals if in Scouting context

Flag Down - capitals if in Scouting context


flammable rather than inflammable although they mean the same thing. The negative is non-flammable

fleur-de-lis the Scout emblem can be referred to as a fleur-de-lis.

Focusing - not focussing

Forms – when referring to a Scout Association form, please use initial capitals and write the full title initially, with the abbreviation in brackets. It can thereafter be referred to in the abbreviated fashion: CS form, OH form

Open College Network Application Form (OCN)
Nights Away Notification Form (NAN)
Registration of a Scout Group Form (form C)
Change of Registration of a Scout Group Form (form C/2)
Registration of a District Scout Council Form (form A)
Award for Cornwell Scout Badge, Gallantry of Meritorious Conduct Application Form
Service Awards Form
Award for Good Service, Honorary Scouter Certificate, and Chief Scout’s Personal Award Application Form (GS form)
Adult Application and CRB Form (England and Wales) (AA)
Adult Application Form (AA)
Occasional Helper and CRB Form (England and Wales) (OH)
Occasional Helper Form (Northern Ireland) (OHNI)
Appointment Review Form (AR)
Cancellation/Suspension Form (CS)
Change of Role Form (England and Wales) (CR)
Reference Form (RF)
Repeat CRB Check Form (England and Wales) (RCRB)


foreign accents do not have to be applied to words which have now entered the English language (fete, fiance). Try to use them on words which are less well known. Always use if it is part of someone’s name.

foresee, foreseeable, foresight

forever continually, for ever always: ‘Despite the fact that she was forever changing her mind about things, I knew that I would love her for ever.’

forgo go without, forego go before

Forum when referring to Cub Scout Forum

founder is lower case - please do not use when referring to B-P

Founder’s Day is 22 February, B-P’s birthday

fractions – write in full in copy, two-thirds, three-quarters, six and a half. Use decimals in tables and recipes. If using fractions in a story, stay in fractions. Don’t suddenly switch to decimals (2.5) or percentages (33%).

frequently asked questions (FAQs)
Write the phrase out and put the abbreviation in brackets. No apostrophe required.

fulfil, fulfilling, fulfilment

full-time is hyphenated

fundamentals, the fundamentals of Scouting

fundraiser, fundraising



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