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Style guide: T


takeoff noun, take off verb: ‘Once they were cleared for takeoff, Caroline decided to take off her coat.’

Tannoy is a trademark

targeted, targeting


teabag, teacup, teapot, teaspoon for a lovely cup of tea


Teesside in the north-east has a double ‘s’.

teetotaller is an expression whose origin has nothing to do with tea, did you know?

Teflon is trademarked so upper case it.

telephone numbers should be expressed in one of the following standard formats. For local landlines, digits should be grouped 5/3/3; London telephone numbers should be grouped 3/4/4; and mobile numbers should be grouped 5/3/3. Thus, the telephone number for the Scout Information Centre at UKHQ Gilwell Park should be written as: 020 8433 7100.

temperature should be written in Celsius: ‘It was 25C on Saturday.’ For conversion see Celsius

Tesco is never Tesco’s

tenpin bowling

that does not automatically have to follow the word ‘said’ but it can often provide clarity.

that or which? One defines (that), one gives extra information (which).

‘This is the Scout Group that I formed, but this group, which my wife started, is doing better.’

the – do not remove for phrases like ‘the government’ as it appears too much like jargon. ‘He claimed that government was making a difference.’

Keep as lower case for newspapers (the Daily Star), pubs (the Coach and Horses), bands (the Rolling Stones) and sports venues (the Oval).

Make upper case for TV shows (The West Wing), films (The Borrowers), books (The Twits) and places (The Hague).

Thermos is a trademark

The Scout Association use ‘Scouts’ instead, as this is friendlier and more approachable. ‘The Scout Association’ should only be used in a legal context, for example to accompany our registered charity number. If the context is clear, such as on our own website or social media, use ‘we’ instead. 

the Big Adventure - now referred to as Using Camps to Recruit Parents: a guide

third world is a redundant expression, use developing countries instead

this or that? One looks forward, or at least to the present (this), one looks back (that): ‘this golden age for Scouting,’ as opposed to ‘that golden age for Scouting.’

thunderstorm is one word

til or till? Use until

time and dates – see Dates and times

timebomb, timescale, timeshare

titles – see Event titles, Headings and web page titles, Publication titles, Personal titles

Torah, the – the holy book of the Jewish faith

The top awards should be lowercase even when referring to the Scouting top awards.


track record – when using this phrase, consider whether just saying ‘record’ will suffice (it usually will)

trademarks – take care with these. Use a generic alternative when and where you can. Scouting publications are littered with references to Sellotape, Blu-Tack, Biros and much more – say ‘sticky tape’, ‘sticky tack’ and ‘pens’ instead.

Training Adviser 

Training Manager is the collective term for County Training Manager (CTM), Local Training Manager (LTM), Area Training Manager (ATM), Island Training Manager (ITM), Area Commissioner (Adult Training) AC (AT).

transgender rather than transsexual

Troop as in a Scout Troop, is upper case; other troops are lower case

Trustees when referring to Trustees of The Scout Association; other trustees are lower case

try to – you never ‘try and’ do something


T-shirt not tee shirt or t-shirt

Tupperware is a trademark. Use, but make sure you capitalise it.

Twitter – is upper case, people who tweet are known as tweeters or twitterers. They spend a ridiculous amount of time tweeting or twittering which involves sending tweets.

twofold is one word

21st century but 21st-century boy



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