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UK or Britain? UK at all times. Never say England when you mean the UK.

UK Adviser

UK Chief Commissioner
UK Commissioner

Ulster – do not use as shorthand for Northern Ireland. Three of Ulster’s nine counties are part of the Irish Republic. Also avoid province.

Uluru not Ayres Rock

underachieve, underage, undercover, underdeveloped, underprivileged, undersea, undersigned

under way not underway

union flag not union jack

unique means one of a kind. Something cannot be ‘very unique’ or ‘extremely unique’.
Unit as a shortened version of Explorer Scout Unit

until not ‘up until’

upbeat, upfront, upgrade, upmarket, upstage, uptight but upside down

upcoming – avoid, say forthcoming instead

US is an acceptable term for the United States of America: ‘I can’t wait for our trip to the US.’


Unity (Scout Insurance Services) is the name of our insurance broker. After the first instance, it is OK to just refer to it as Unity. 

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