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Years – see Dates and Time or Date span/range

year 1, year 10 as in school years

Yellow Card – see Young People First.

Yom Kippur
The most solemn religious fast of the Jewish year, the last of the ten days of penitence that begin with Rosh Hashana. Jewish people fast for 25 hours. Also called Day of Atonement

Yorkshire dales but North York Moors

Youlbury Scout Activity Centre but the activity centre thereafter 

Young Leader

Young Leaders' Scheme

young people is the preferred term to use when referring to Scouts under-18. In Scouting, young people also refers to members who are aged up to 25. Try to avoid calling them ‘kids’ or ‘children’ where possible.
It is acceptable to occasionally use ‘children’ when referring to Beavers and Cubs. It is also OK to use ‘kids’ and ‘children’ when directly quoting someone else who has used the term.

Young People First/Yellow Card: Young People First is the name of the publication, the 'Yellow Card' is its informal tag.

your/you’re – the first denotes possession: ‘Getting to the top of that tower was your finest moment.’ The second is the shortened version of ‘you are’: ‘You’re never going to finish this style guide.’

youth shaped




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