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Safeguarding training

The Scouts Safeguarding training is available both online and face-to-face.

The training has common objectives regardless of the method of training you choose. Either method of training is valid, there is no need to alternate between online and face to face.

Who should complete the training?

The training is available to anyone who wants to complete it. However, it is primarily aimed at volunteers who need to complete their ongoing mandatory training for review. New volunteers should complete Module 1: Essential Information.

Online training

Click here to enter 'Safeguarding Awareness online training'

Safeguarding ongoing learning is available as e-learning. This e-learning will function on a range of systems and devices, detailed in these e-learning FAQs

The online version may not be appropriate for some appointees, for example, individuals with specific learning needs or the sight impaired. As it is only available online, you need to make sure you have good access to the internet.

There are four sections within the training:

  1. Introduction
  2. What is abuse?
  3. Bullying
  4. Our role, your responsibilities

The training will take approximately one hour and you need to do it all in one go. 

At the end you will be able to complete the final section 'What would you do?' Once completed, this allows you to print off a certificate. You can print the certificate or save as a PDF version. 

We have been experiencing some problems with the self-generating certificate at the end of the course. Please take a screen shot of the final score page when it says 'Congratulations' so you can use this as evidence of completion.

The certificate then needs to be sent to your Training Adviser, Local / County Training Manager who will be able to record your completion of this training in Compass. 


This training requires Adobe Flash Player to run and works best on Windows 10.  Users will need to enable Flash when prompted.  To run the training on Chrome or Firefox, Flash may need to be enabled or downloaded.  For further information and a step-by-step guide to enabling and downloading chrome click here.

Please note that the training will not run on IOS devices.

We are currently developing an upgrade to this training which will not require Adobe Flash Player. More details to follow.

If you require any further assistance please contact info.centre@scouts.org.uk

Updated: 20/03/2020
- Reformat of information
- Removal of requirement to alternate face to face with online training
- We are currently developing an upgrade to this training which will not require Adobe Flash Player. More details to follow.


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