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Example citations

The Awards Board rely heavily on the citation when deciding whether an application meets the required national standard. However, it is recognised that the art of writing a citation may not always be a simple task and that in some cases, the way in which it is written may not always offer the best description of what a person has done or how well they have done it.

The table below indicates the basic requirements for a Good Service Award, and the key evidence that should be used when concluding the citation and writing the final recommendation.

Model 1

Award Award for Merit Bar to the Award for Merit Silver Acorn Bar to the Silver Acorn Silver Wolf
Service 10-12 years Award for Merit + at least 5 more years' service 20+ years Silver Acorn + at least 5 more years' service 30+ years
Key evidence and examples needed Outstanding service Further outstanding service Specially distinguished service and appreciably better than outstanding Further similarly distinguished service Most exceptional service

Good service awards are made to those whose contribution to Scouting stands out. Length of service alone isn’t enough; this is recognised separately by the length of service awards.

Model 2

Example of citation received Suggested enhancements
'John has been Scouting since 1986. His current roles are ADC/County Executive Member and ACCBS, to which he gives 110%.' Expand by showing supporting evidence of effective contributions in each role. A list of appointments and dates is not required, as these should already be recorded on John's membership record.
'He has been a lead member in the District and County events and puts in many hours of planning.' Examples of what he has done for these events and how well this has been carried out, eg outstanding/specially distinguished or exceptional service.
'Since his last award, his commitment has grown and if anyone deserves an award, John does. I believe he should be awarded the Silver Acorn.' The first sentence can be used as an introduction, but the rest should be expanded to show examples of the hard work and commitment given.
'At the beginning of 2008 he took on the role of ACCBS, helping and supporting leaders in the Beaver section. Again John has not taken this job lightly and spends many hours visiting Colonies within the County, which has made him a reliable, worthy, respected and loved team member.' Add another paragraph that highlights John's conscientiousness. Although we can assume that such qualities bring exceptionally good results, the citation does not explicitly say this or point to supporting examples. Ideally this evidence should also be provided.

All adult members, associate members and in exceptional cases other individuals who have given valuable service to Scouting over a considerable period are entitled to be considered for awards. Nominations can be initiated at Group level, but must then be signed by the District, County, Regional or Chief Commissioner with their recommendation and support for the award being requested.

The following links show example citations that will give some guidance as to the standard required. The examples are taken from previously approved applications, although names have been changed to protect the identity of the individual. They apply to a range of adult awards, as well as the Cornwell Scout Badge for young people and Scout Network members.

Guidance – example citations


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