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Recruiting adults

45% of adults in Scouting are parents of young people who have been or who are involved in Scouting.

It's essential to attract young people before you engage adults and then create a culture of parent involvement in Scouting from day one.

 There is an ongoing learning module – effective recruiters, which would be a great way for volunteers who are involved in launching the new Group or section to prepare for adult recruitment.

Remember that the parents and other adults you meet might not have any prior experience or knowledge of Scouting. To encourage them to volunteer, explain the roles and Group structures in a way that they will understand and emphasise the fun that they will have by being involved. Here are some top tips for recruiting adults and other resources that may be helpful.

Role descriptions
 can be used to explain different volunteering roles to new adults.

Starting a parent rota is a great way to encourage parents to help. They can find out more about Scouting and the fun they can have. Some will be happy to stay on the rota but for others, it might just be the stepping stone that they need to get involved more regularly.

For information on using a parent rota see the Parent rota information pack.

Finding out what skills adults and parents have within the Group makes it easier to ask them for help with a specific role or task. Follow our six steps to recruitment here.

Sample Skills audits (coming soon: this is a starting point for you to create your own planning documents).

Another way to start involving parents is to identify a specific task that you need help with and advertise this to the parents on a vacancy board, newsletter or flyer. Create recruitment resources within the Recruitment section of the Print Centre .

In addition to recruiting parents, advertising online for new volunteers is a great way to find more adults easily. This can be done using do-it.org.uk and the Get Involved section of our site. If you would like a little more advice, please get in touch with the Regional Development Service in your area.


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