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Queen's Scout Award: registration

The requirement to register nationally and back date activities up to three months for the QSA has been removed from 1 November 2018 onwards.

We introduced this requirement to help put members in touch with local contacts and access support, which it achieves but we believe there is a more local solution, as nationally it has become a barrier to members achieving the award.  In order to keep the process as simple as possible we have now removing the national registration requirement and the 3 month limit to backdating activities.


Locally (at County/Area/Region/Nation level) we would still like to know who is working on the QSA. Can we put in place a local registration process?
Yes. We have removed the national registration process but the QSA Coordinator, Top Awards Commissioner, ACC Explorer Scouts or Scout Network can put in local registration processes. This would not form part of the award requirements but would be useful for local tracking and support.

What do I need to think about when implementing a local registration process?
If you choose to setup a local registration system there are a number of things you need to think about.
1.    Why are you going to implement a registration system?
2.    What data do you need to collect and why?
3.    What will you use the information for?
4.    Who will have access to the data and why?
5.    Have you got the correct permissions to collect this data?
6.    How long will you keep this data for?

For more advice on adhering to GDPR please visit this webpage.

Practically, a survey or form tool may be digital solutions to help you collect this information. As above, you will need to ensure you are GDPR compliantly collecting and using the data. 

I am a UK Scout Network member only, what support is available to me?
The Volunteer Head of Scout Network, Lewis Dangerfield is looking to put in place a UK Scout Network only registration process to provide access to support resources, clarity on sign off of the award and networking of members undertaking the award.

I am over 25 and completed the QSA but didn’t register so couldn’t achieve the QSA, can I now achieve the award?
Yes. You have until the 1 May 2019 to submit your Logbook and Completion form which must be approved by a relevant Commissioner.

Commissioners who can approve the QSA are:
Assistant County/Area Commissioner (ACC) Explorer Scouts
Assistant County/Area Commissioner (ACC) Scout Network
County/Area Commissioner (in the absence of the relevant ACC)
For Scotland only:
District Explorer Scout Commissioner
District Scout Network Commissioner
District Commissioner

Are you also removing the registration requirement for the Explorer Belt Award?
No. This removal of registration is only for the Queen’s Scout Award. The Explorer Belt Award requirements remain unchanged.

Have any other award requirements or membership requirements changed?
No, no other award or membership requirements have changed. All information can be found in Reach the Top


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