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Young Leaders' ILM Development Programme

Even though they might not realise it yet, an Explorer Scout Young Leader’s experience in Scouting will help them develop a whole range of important skills that higher education establishments and employers are looking for.

Competition is high

Whether they are applying for jobs, apprenticeships or a place at college/university, competition is higher than ever. The skills developed through the Explorer Scout Young Leaders’ Scheme, including leadership, interpersonal skills and decision-making will help to set them apart from the crowd.

In order to demonstrate this, we have had the Explorer Scout Young Leaders’ Scheme externally recognised by ILM as a Development Programme. ILM is one of the UK’s leading providers of leadership and management qualifications, and the accreditation shows the quality of the Explorer Scout Young Leaders’ Scheme to any external organisations that Explorer Scout Young Leaders might apply to in the future.

Signing Up

Update: From September 2019 we will not be accepting new registrations for the ILM Development Programme scheme. All existing registrations can continue towards completing their schemes, and a new external recognition offer will be announced shortly for those yet to register.

To sign up for this there are two forms for Explorer Scout Young Leaders to fill in. The first is a registration form , which can be completed as soon as the Explorer Scout Young Leader decides they would like to work towards the development programme. This should be sent along with the full payment to the address included at the bottom of the form.

You can find further information surrounding the ILM at the ILM website.

The second form is a completion form which needs to be signed off when the Explorer Scout Young Leader completes each module and mission by the Explorer Scout Leader (Young Leader) and section leader. Once this form has been completed (i.e. they have completed the full scheme), please send a copy either to the address on the bottom of the form or email as an attachment to operations.admin@scouts.org.uk. Once processed, a certificate will be sent to the Explorer Scout Leader (Young Leader) to be presented to the Explorer Scout Young Leader.

All Explorer Scout Young Leaders can sign up for the recognition and this can be at any point during their time in the scheme. If they decide on completion of the scheme they would like this recognition this can be achieved by sending the registration and completion form, along with payment, together.

For further information please contact the educational programme team by email at programme@scouts.org.uk.

Tutor Membership

Existing Leaders with Institute for Leadership and Management Tutor memberships will be supported by the Institute until 2020.

Reviewed: 23/08/2019



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