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Assess the need

Assess the need

When thinking about how to grow or develop Scouting in an area, it can be helpful to look at the local community. Finding out whether there are currently enough Scout Groups available and where might be a good place to open a new Group or section is a good place to start.

By looking at your local community you can ensure that any new Group or section has a sustainable base of young people and adults to recruit from and remains open for the long term.

Start by considering some of the following:

Alternatives to help grow your group or district

  1. Are all of the nearby groups/sections full? Might they have spaces that young people could be directed to? (see POR Chapter 3, Rule 3.7, 3.8, 3.9)

  2. If the demand is close to an existing group, opening duplicate sections will allow resources, support and facilities to be shared.

  3. Opening a section in a new location that shares the management committee and support of an existing group is called a satellite section. Integrated sections can also provide a good solution for smaller new provision needs.

If you’re not sure of the answers, it’s worth talking to the Regional Development Service (England) or your national HQ office or local development personnel to help explore your options.

Make a plan

If you have decided that opening a new Group or Section is the way to go, creating a plan will help to ensure that important factors have been considered, these could include:
Example template for you to develop your own plan: Planning for new provision.


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