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Cyclist Activity Badge

Our partner Halfords has produced activity resources to support the Cubs Cyclist Activity Badge.

How to earn your badge

First, do all five of these tasks.

  1. Regularly use a bicycle, which is the right size for you, with a cycle  helmet.
  2. Show you can clean and oil a bicycle. Show how to pump up the tyres and mend a puncture.
  3. Explain why you must lock up a bicycle when you leave it unattended.
  4. Make a poster to promote road safety to pedestrians or cyclists.
  5. Talk to your leader or other Cubs about the safety measures you need to take when you cycle in bad weather.

Next, choose one of the two options. Finish all the tasks for the option you choose.

Option 1

Option 2

! You must always wear a cycle helmet when riding your bike. The only exception is if you’re Sikh and you wear a turban.

If you’ve gained Bikeability Level 2, you automatically get this badge.



Each young person who participates in the Programme, including badges and awards, should face a similar degree of challenge, and requirements can be adapted according to each young person’s abilities.  For more information and practical tips see our guidance on flexibility


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