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World Faiths Activity Badge

How to earn your badge

  1. 1.Visit a place of worship which is important to one of the World religions. Find out some information about the building, what’s inside it and how it’s used for worship.
  2. Meet someone who belongs to one or the World religions, or has a set of beliefs which are different to your own. Find out how they put their faith into practice.
  3. Find out about the places of religious significance for a World religion.
  4. Find out about the religious festivals and customs linked to a World religion.


The ‘major world faiths’ are widely accepted to include Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism and Sikhism. However, this is not an exhaustive list and a broader list of more religions can be found via BBC Religion pages, which also includes numerically smaller groups, such as Shinto and Taoism.

A useful interactive resource to support young people to explore world faiths is BBC Bitesize, there are wealth of videos and animations which explore specific elements of different religions eg. What is it like to go Hajj, or what happens at Passover specifically aimed at young people.



Each young person who participates in the Programme, including badges and awards, should face a similar degree of challenge, and requirements can be adapted according to each young person’s abilities.  For more information and practical tips see our guidance on flexibility


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