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Global Issues Activity Badge

How to earn your badge

  1. Identify where your clothing has been made.With other Scouts, talk about why companies might choose to have the items made there. What are the advantages and disadvantages of overseas clothing production?
  2. Investigate a recent natural disaster. Explain what the people needed to
    survive. Rank the items in order of priority and explain your order.
  3. Create your own Commonwealth Games. Explore why we have them and who is involved.
  4. Use a creative method to educate people on the causes and effects of HIV and AIDS.
  5. List the rights that we have in the UK (like the right to vote, to go to school and equal gender rights). Compare this list with a Scout in a sub-Sahara African country.


Top tips

For number 4, Young people creative method could be video, audio, a presentation, a poster or a sketch.

Guidance for Leaders

For activities to support this badge, download the Scouts Global Issues Badge resource here

Bookbridge are a charity set up by European Scouts to support young people in many different countries access education through learning centres, they have developed resources which may help you to complete this badge:


Each young person who participates in the Programme, including badges and awards, should face a similar degree of challenge, and requirements can be adapted according to each young person’s abilities.  For more information and practical tips see our guidance on flexibility


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