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General FAQs about Scout Network

Who can join the District Scout Network?
All young adults aged between 18 and 25 can join the District Scout Network. Special attention should be given in the District to ensuring that Explorer Scouts are aware of the Scout Network programme and the opportunities that exist to work towards the top awards.

Click here to find out what roles allow for automatic joining
Is there a minimum age for joining Scout Network?
The minimum age for joining Scout Network is 18 years old.

What uniform do Scout Network members wear?
Scout Network members wear an adult leader uniform with a Scout Network uniform badge. This consists of a stone shirt/blouse. Scout Network Members can choose to wear either the UK Scout Network Scarf or District Scout Network scarf (often called a necker).

Merchandise from Scout Shops

Can we have a District Scout Network scarf/badge?
Yes. POR rule 10.27 includes further information. In addition, there is a Scout Network uniform badge that everyone in Scout Network can wear as part of the uniform, regardless of where they come from. This can be purchased from Scout Shops

Do I need to undertake adult training to be a Scout Network member?
There is no adult training required to be a Scout Network member. Being a Scout Network member means participating in the Scout Network programme.

How can people join other District Scout Networks or the UK Scout Network only?
Explorer Scouts can choose to join other District Scout Networks or adjust their membership so that they are members of the UK Scout Network only through changing their location in Compass.

What is a Scout Network project?
Projects require a group of people to come together with the common purpose of achieving something worthwhile.
projects will have at least one element of them built around the Scout method and educational objectives but most importantly they will be:
•    Youth Led and Youth Driven
•    Challenging - offering young adults opportunities to extend themselves beyond their current horizons – both as a group and as an individual
•    Rewarding and enjoyable
•    and for projects, have a lasting impact, or an objective beyond the immediate team.

a.     A project is a series of tasks, planned from beginning to end.
b.     A project is bounded by time, resources and a required result/outcome.
c.     A project should have an impact beyond the immediate project group

Project guidance information can be found here

Can projects be run across multiple Districts?
Yes. There should be agreement between the District Scout Network Commissioners, with one of the District Scout Networks taking primary responsibility – being the ‘host’.


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