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FAQ's for 18-25 year old Members

Who can join the District Scout Network?
All young adults, that are members of the association and are aged between 18 and 25 in Scouting are members of the Scout Network
People who are 18-25 and not members of the association can choose to join via our joining process

Is there a minimum age for joining Scout Network?
The minimum age for joining Scout Network is 18 years.

How do I register?
If you are approaching 18 and have been an Explorer Scout and want to remain in Scouting you will be automatically transitioned to Scout Network of the District that you were an Explorer in. If you wish to be associated with a different District Scout Network than that to which you were an Explorer, just let you District Scout Network Commissioner know and they will assist you with those requests. If you do not wish to be affiliated with any District then you can remain just part of the UK Scout Network only. 

What type of programme can I enjoy taking part in?

There are three Programme Areas: Adventure, International and Community. These will be underpinned by themes including Teamwork, Leadership and Life Skills.

The objectives for the three new areas should be:


  • Develop skills and pursue your interests.
  • Develop and use skills to make a difference in your local and Scouting communities.
More about Adventure here 


  • Develop an understanding of global issues that highlight our interdependence as citizens of the world.
  • Make a positive contribution to address global issues.
More about International here
  • Create positive social change that is of benefit to a wider community.
  • Helps you develop in taking action.
  • Build strong links and appreciation for difference between Scouts and between others in the Community.
To achieve these objectives Scout Network Members are encouraged to take part in projects and events that will support the about themes and be managed through a digital platform. 

More about Community here

How much is this going to cost?
Being part of Scout Network at either District or UK Level will follow the same format, free to join pay to play.  So this means that membership to the association is free (from January 2016), but any costs associated with activity or operational costs will apply.

Membership fee info

Do I need to undertake adult training to be a Scout Network member?
There is no adult training required to be a Scout Network member.

Can I get badges/awards for taking part?

Yes. Scout Network Members will be able to gain virtual participation badges. These badges will be issued and maintained on the Scout Network Digital Platform.
Top awards are also available to achieve, these include Chief Scout Diamond Award, Queen’s Scout Award, Explorer Belt, and Scouts of the World Award. 

Do I need to wear a uniform?
Scout Network members wear an adult leader uniform with a Scout Network uniform badge. This consists of a stone shirt/blouse. Scout Network Members can choose to wear either the UK Scout Network Scarf or District Scout Network scarf (often called a necker).

Find out more here

Is there a Scout Network Scarf and Badge?
Yes. There is a UK Scout Network Scarf and uniform badge which is available from Scout Shops. If you are part of a District Scout Network then you will need to speak to your District Scout Network Commissioner to find out if there is a District Scout Network Scarf available. 

Merchandise from Scout Shops -

Who do I speak to for more information about the section?
Your District Scout Network Commissioner is your first port of call. If you do not have one in your district, your District Commissioner is the next person to ask. For general information about the section take a look at the network pages on scouts.org.uk, UKSNC Twitter or contact programme@scouts.org.uk

Why is the section now at Districts and not County?
During research that was carried out for the Programme Review. 12,000 members told us that they wanted a section that is flexible and run predominantly at local level. There was also appetite for a national offering for those who have a life style that changes e.g. Students and apprentices. There was also support for a clear programme and one that recognises participation for people within the age range.

I don’t want to be part of Scout Network at either District or UK level. How do I remove the role?
The role is allocated to all 18-25 members of the association. To opt out of the section you need to remove communications for the section on your record.
Adult appointment roles are still available and must follow the appointment process for the role.

How can I still be part of Network when I go to uni / move away for work?
Yes, Scout Network is truly flexible. As a member you have choice. This means you can be part of which ever District you want to be. If you do not wish to affiliate with any particular district, you can also opt to just be part of the UK Scout Network, which gives you the same great access to the opportunities as every 18-25 year old in the UK. 

Where can Scout Network meet?
Like any activity in Scouting, choice of venue must be a considered and take into account suitability for the type of meeting and the members that will be attending that meeting. 

I live in a different District to where I Scout, what impact does this have on where I’m a member of Scout Network? 
You can chose where your membership point of Scout Network is. You can choose the District(s) you wish to be part of and this will include the UK Scout Network. You’re not required to have a District membership, you can just be a member of the UK Scout Network.

I’m nearly 25 what’s next for me?
There are many options available to you. To explore these further take a look at scouts.org.uk in the Scout Network pages under. You can also speak with your District Scout Network Commissioner who will be able to help you explore all the local opportunities available to you. 
Can I still be a Leader?
Yes. Scout Network members can also hold adult appointments

Do I have to leave my old network?
If you’re a member of a District Scout Network then no, but if you were part of a County Scout Network, you will be placed in the most appropriate District Scout Network that is available to you. You do have the option to change the District you are a member with. All members will be part of the UK Scout Network. 

I am part of a British Scouting Overseas District, can I still be a part of Scout Network?
Of Course! You are part of UK Scouting and are eligible to join the UK Scout Network. British Scouting Overseas has one Scout Network for all Districts. If you are based in a country which is not a member of British Scouting Overseas then unfortunately you will need to seek out other Scouting opportunities in the country in which you reside.

I don’t live in the UK can I still be a part of Scout Network?
If you are part of British Scouting Overseas or if you live in a country which is registered as a UK Scout Association Branch then you are part of UK Scouting and therefore able to join the UK Scout Network. If applicable you would also be part of the British Scouting Overseas Network. If you are based in a country which is not a member of British Scouting Overseas then unfortunately you will need to seek out other Scouting opportunities in the country that you reside.


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