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FAQs for Commissioners who Support Scout Network (DC/ CC / DSNC / ACC SN)

Can we have multiple Scout Networks in our District?
Every District should have only one District Scout Network. We believe that this will make the pathway from Explorer Scouts to Scout Network clearer, as well as providing one point of contact for those seeking to join Scout Network from outside Scouting.
Does membership of a Scout Network count towards adult service awards?
No. Adult service awards are for time given to holding an adult appointment not a youth role which Scout Network membership is considered.
Can our District Scout Network be linked with a local Activity Centre?
Scout Network members involved in supporting local activity centres should be members of a District Scout Network. Their volunteering with local activity centres should be done through projects associated with the programme.
Who appoints the District Scout Network Commissioner?
The District Commissioner.

District Scout Network Comissioner role description
Can the role of District Scout Network Commissioner be shared with the District Explorer Scout Commissioner?
Flexible volunteering could mean that in some Districts it may be appropriate to combine the role of District Explorer Scout Commissioner and District Scout Network Commissioner. The individual will be required to have both roles added to their membership record.
Can the role of District Scout Network Commissioner be shared with another District?
Ideally, every District should have a District Scout Network and a District Scout Network Commissioner.  There is an exception process that will need to be followed if this structure cannot be put in place for your District.
Can we appoint District Scout Network Leaders?
No. Moving forward, the role of District Scout Network Leader is being discontinued.
Is the District Scout Network Commissioner a Member of the District Team?
Yes, and should work closely with the District Explorer Scout Commissioner.
Is the District Scout Network Commissioner a Member of the District Executive?
What do we do for Air Scouts/Sea Scouts?
Scout Network members involved in Air Scouting or Sea Scouting are Members of the District Scout Network like all other young adults aged 18-25. Given the specific interests in air and sea activities, these Scout Network members may focus their activities through projects related to air and sea. They can continue to wear the Air and Sea Scout Network uniform.
SSAGO – Student Scout and Guide Organisation
Members of The Student Scout and Guide Organisation (SSAGO) are welcome to join the Scout Network, either through local District Scout Networks or the UK Scout Network if they don't have a connection with a District. District Scout Network Commissioners together with ACCs (Scout Network) should look to raise awareness of the Scout Network amongst student populations. www.ssago.org.uk

What are the options for people who have held County Scout Network Commissioner and Network Leader Roles? 
These roles will be closed after the transition period. Scout Network will be supported by a District Scout Network Commissioner and an Assistant County Commissioner (Scout Network). If members express an interest in these roles they will need to follow the existing appointment process. 

How do I run a joint Explorer Scout and Scout Network expedition within the rules of the Nights Away Permit Scheme?

Where an Explorer Unit are on a nights away event they either need a Leader on site with a Nights Away Permit or they need an Event Passport issued by a Nights Away Permit Holder. An Event Passport cannot be issued to an Explorer who is going to be on an expedition where adults from the same party will be on site overnight. Scout Network member are classed as adults as well as member of the Scout Association.
Therefore, if there is to be a joint nights away experience between Scout Network members and Explorer Scouts, there must be a full or associate member who holds a Nights Away Permit of the relevant type. A suitable role for the permit holder could be a Skills Instructor or an Active Support Member, both of which can hold a permit unlike an Occasional Helper. If the night away is part of an expedition and has members that are under 18 as well as over 18, there must be a Nights Away Permit holder on site and a minimum of 2 adults.
This could mean a Nights Away Adviser may need to recommend the issue of a Lightweight Expedition Permit to one of the Scout Network members, who has taken on an appropriate full or associate member role. The permit may contain restrictions to specific members, the type of expedition or the location. It may not need be a full assessment but the Nights Away Adviser must be satisfied the Scout Network member understands their responsibility as the permit holder. The permit only needs to be held by one of the two over 18s, the other can attend within their Scout Network role.


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