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Derbyshire Local Media Relations Support Casestudy

The Local Media Relations Support Team works with volunteer media teams to help increase the skills and capacity available to them.

In 2014 the Local Media Support Team started working with the County of Derbyshire to help and support media work across the County.

At that time there was no lead volunteer for media work (Media Development Manager) in place so meetings were held with the County Commissioner and Deputy County Commissioner to find out more about the current situation. They were both supportive of media work and keen to build on the good work that the County had been doing.

The Local Media Relations Support Team were able to offer templates, guidance and advice to help recruit media volunteers, this work was driven via social media and the County website. The County team also used their Scouting network to communicate the role around all Districts and via non-Scouting networks.

The role was quickly filled and the Local Media Relations Support Team provided a full induction and support to get them up to speed. The MDM was asked what was needed and a budget provision made (this will be an annual budget now that the County know that it is a viable concern). Soon it became clear what could be achieved and the benefit increased media coverage would bring to the County, goals were set and the quality and quantity of coverage continued to improve. A series of media presentations took place around the County raising the profile and awareness of the importance of positive media in Scouting. The County Media Development Manager has followed these up by recruiting volunteers onto the media team, filling various County and District roles, these have included District Media Development Managers, Photographers, Youth spokespersons and Adult spokespersons.

The County Media team has grown from 1 person to 17 including 5 District Media Development Managers. In partnership the staff team and volunteers have generated a comprehensive media plan to make sure that the County has a growing profile in local media outlets. With support from the staff team reviews are now taking place of media work so that both positive and negative, lessons can be learnt so that coverage can continue to improve.

With on-going support from the County team a County specific Scouts Speak Up course has been delivered demonstrating the Counties acknowledgement and understanding of the importance of young people being the face and voice of Scouting.

Through working in partnership with staff and volunteers the foundation that has now been imbedded in the County they are producing good positive ‘on brand’ media in a wide variety of outlets including print, radio and Television.


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