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Humberside Local Media Relations Support Casestudy

In 2013 the Local Media Support Team started working with the County of Humberside to help and support their Media work.

At that time there was no lead volunteer for media (Media Development Manager) in place so meetings were held with the County Commissioner and Deputy County Commissioner to find out more about the current situation.

With the amalgamation of various Districts just being finalised the County team were trying to recruit for many key roles including someone to become Media Development Manager.

The Local Media Relations Support Officer carried out various media presentations starting at County level, so that all the DC’s understood the necessity and importance of having good positive media coverage. With no lead volunteer directly responsible for media in the County the Local Media Relations Support Officer worked from the ground upwards by contacting Districts and groups offering media presentations. The media presentations in the Districts promoted strong awareness of positive media work and supported and encouraged the media work that was already being produced and some excellent stories and pictures have been shared across the Districts. The Local Media Relations Support Officer has kept a keen eye on social media to see if there was any potential out there and from this search talented individuals have been approached to join the county communications team.


The Local Media Relations Support Officer also attended the County AGM and used the opportunity to speak with District Commissioners again to offer the opportunity to visit Districts or Groups in order to carry out media presentations for awareness and to potential find someone who may be interested in the role of Media Development Manager either at District or County level.

A social media marketing campaign was initiated by the Local Media Relations Support Officer at the beginning of 2015 with backing from the Deputy County Commissioner. Success was found from this method resulting in the application, interview and appointment of a County Media Development Manager in August 2015.

The MDM has been extremely productive in getting stories out into the media and also communicating with all Districts to build up the media team. The Local Media Relations Support Officer has had continued communication with the MDM and guidance and assistance offered at all times. Along with the County MDM Humberside now have 3 District Media Development Managers in place and high interest from another two volunteers within Districts, media plans are in place and are leading to high levels of positive coverage.

The awareness and understanding on the importance of positive stories fitting Scouting's key messages is at a high across the County.


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