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Attending Pride

Why attend Pride with Scouting?

Whatever your sexual orientation or gender identity, Pride is a great opportunity to celebrate diversity and promote inclusion in Scouting.

Attending Pride events is a way of demonstrating our commitment to equality and building a more inclusive society, and demonstrating that we welcome LGBTQIA+ members. Members have said “it opens doors and inspires young people and potential leaders to be confident in who they are, regardless of sexual orientation and informs them that they are accepted” and that it is important “to demonstrate to young people that it doesn't matter who you are, we value you as a Scout”.

It’s also great fun, provides opportunities to meet other volunteers, and can have a valuable impact for those who attend. One of the participants said “being able as a young LGBTQIA+ person to be surrounded by similar people and it not mattering at all who was gay and who wasn't etc.” 
For further information please visit scouts.org.uk/pride

What happens at a Pride event?

A Pride event is usually run in a city or town, by a charity committee who organise either a parade or a community area, or a combination of both. A parade is usually through the city or town centre, and similar to a parade at a carnival. It typically features local companies, charities and other organisations who wish to celebrate diversity and/or show their commitment to equality.

FLAGS have found that each Pride event has a different feel and focus. Some are more family-focused like Birmingham which usually has a community area and funfair, and some have more of a party atmosphere, like Brighton.

How can I attend a Pride event with Scouting?

There are a number of opportunities to attend a Pride event with Scouting; we are usually represented at a number of different events across the UK. 

Nationally, The Scout Association coordinates attendance of at Pride in London. When registration opens (usually about 3 months before the event), you can book onto the event via scouts.org.uk/events.

Scout Scotland coordinate attendance at Pride Edinburgh. For more information visit scouts-scotland.org.uk/pride

Our National Active Support Unit, FLAGS, coordinate attendance at a number of other Pride events across the country, such as Birmingham and Manchester. For more information, visit their website at flagscouts.org.uk, follow them on Facebook or contact pride@flagscouts.org.uk  

If you’re interested in organising Scouting attendance at your own local Pride event, there is more information to support you below.  

What do you do at Pride in London?

Over 100 Members join us for Pride in London. We have a morning meet up, for Members to network, enjoy activities, and find out about further support for inclusion in Scouting. We then participate in the parade through central London, walking behind our ‘Scout Pride’ banner and handing out stickers to the crowd. This is currently open to Members aged 18+; Members aged 16-17 supervised by designated volunteers; and younger youth members attending alongside a parent or carer.
Everyone wears Scout Pride’ t-shirts which are provided and some people choose to wear costumes. We’ve been delighted to be joined by members of the UK Youth Commissioner and UK Chief Commissioner teams in recent years.

Visit scouts.org.uk/pride for a link to photos and more information about the most recent event.

How can I organise Scouting attendance at my local Pride event?

What resources are available?

There are resources available from FLAGS which you can use at your local Pride.

FLAGS have a catalogue of resources available, called ‘Pride in a Box’, and you can select the resources and quantities that you need. For more information contact pride@flagscouts.org.uk

You can purchase rainbow neckers via FLAGS online shop at flagscouts.org.uk.

The following resources can be ordered from the Print Centre, which also has images from our attendance at Pride in London available for use:
If you are running a stall/stand as part of the event, your District or County team or the Regional Services Team, may have some recruitment resources you can use.

What support can I access?

Contact FLAGS to find out how they can support you, by emailing pride@flagscouts.org.uk.
You can also check if FLAGS are already planning to support the event, by looking at the listings on their website at flagscouts.org.uk.
Contact your local staff member in the Regional Services Team, to find out about any support they can offer. For contact details click here.

If you have any questions, please contact UKHQ at pride@scouts.org.uk or FLAGS on pride@flagscouts.org.uk.


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