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1:1 Supporters

The Scout Association is committed to being inclusive of all young people, regardless of ability or disability and has a clear Equal Opportunities Policy. There is flexibility within Scouting and all Scout groups should make reasonable adjustments wherever possible to support the inclusion of young people with disabilities or additional needs.

Some young people will require further support to enable them to fully participate in Scouting. There may be occasions where a young person requires the support of a dedicated 1:1. The level of support required will vary depending upon the individual needs of the young person, and the capacity of the leadership team.

All decisions should be made with the best interests of the young person as the central concern. A 1:1 supporter may be beneficial where the Group and/or the parents/carer feel that more expertise and dedicated time is required to fully support the young person participate in Scouting. A parent/ carer may ask the Group if a 1:1 can attend from the point of joining.  This may occur where a young person is in receipt of 1:1 support at school, or is accessing other extra-curricular activities with additional support.

Scouting is delivered by adult volunteers and is not a statutory provision (such as the education system, for example). Scouting does not have a statutory obligation to provide a 1:1 for a young person to access Scouting on a regular basis.

If there is capacity within the Group to provide additional support that is very positive, however, where a 1:1 is required on a regular basis, it would be the responsibility of the parents/ carer to provide or source the required support. The Group should not take on any financial responsibilities for the employment of a carer.

Within Scouting, a 1:1 should always be over 18 years old.  

External supporters

Young people may be supported by a variety of external supporters including professional carers, buddy schemes or befrienders.

Where a young person is supported to access Scouting by an external supporter provided for example, by the local authority, or another charity the Group should work with the parents/ carers and supporter to plan and agree how this will work in practice. All adults attending Scouting activities must uphold the 'Young People First' code of  practice (the Yellow Card).

For guidance to ensure 1:1 supporters are subject to the appropriate vetting process, contact vetting@scouts.org.uk

Further information about the support available within your area will be available via your local authority website.

For further information about personal care contact safeguarding@scouts.org.uk
Trips, adventurous activities and nights away experiences

Some young people may only require additional support at certain events, such as during nights away or on trips. To enable all young people to participate, funding is available via The Scout Grants Committee to support the provision of carers for one-off events. For example, this could be used to finance a carer to provide personal care during a weekend camp.

This funding does not cover provision of a 1:1 on a regular basis.

Further information is available via The Scout Grants Committee.

Duke of Edinburgh Expeditions 

There may be circumstances were a young person in Scouting requires additional support to complete a Duke of Edinburgh Award. There are 20 conditions to ensure that expeditions meet the award requirements.The variation matrix (available with the County DofE Supporter Pack) offers guidance to inform making adjustments and includes the form to submit for approval.

If a 1:1 supporter is needed during an expedition, the awarding body needs evidence of why this is needed and how the group plans to implement the support. Any variations must be submitted for DofE approval in advance of an expedition taking place.

More information about variations, including the request form are available within the County DofE Supporter Pack.


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