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Top Awards Conference 2017

Below is a summary of all the aspects of the conference that hopefully summarises a lot of the learning from the day.

Plenary Presentation

The presentation that was used in the morning session that focuses on award requirements and summaries of the statistics from a national perspective can be viewed here.


High Quality Programme

In this workshop discussions were had about what a high quality top awards programme should be. Some examples were:

A Quality Programme is Challenging, Relevant and Rewarding for every young person. Quality Programme Checkers to help with reviewing the programme to make sure a quality programme is being delivered can be found at scouts.org.uk/qualitychecker and include more detail about what a Quality Programme is.

Promotion of Top Awards

Some examples of what is happening already (locally):

Promotional resources available:

Throughout the day and also as part of this session, we asked for feedback about what resources are needed or need updating. Not all of the ideas will necessarily be possible due to financial or capacity restraints, but all ideas will be looked at. Some examples were:

If you have any other ideas for resources that are currently missing or that you feel need updating, please email programme@scouts.org.uk.

Celebrating Success

This workshop brought out all the different ways Counties celebrate success when young people achieve their Top Awards. Some of the examples that you may be able to take inspiration from are:

Scouts of the World Award

This workshop was a more detailed look into the Scouts of the World Award (SOWA) programme and the new delivery method moving forward. All the information about SOWA can be found at http://members.scouts.org.uk/sowa and if you would like to use the same PowerPoint locally in order to explain the award it can be downloaded here.

Making the most of the Expedition Section

This workshop focussed on two elements; focussing the planning of an expedition around the aim and purpose and then also the training and resources that are currently available that can support this section.

The elements that help make a quality aim for an expedition were:

There were discussions about the resources that are available to support the expedition section. There are loads of helpful resources available on the DofE’s website, especially around supporting those with additional needs. These can be viewed at dofe.org/leaders/resources-and-downloads/expedition-downloads

New resources

We’ve been able to dual brand programme ideas lists that can be used to inspire activities for the volunteering, physical, skills, expedition and residential sections of the Chief Scout’s Platinum Award, Chief Scout’s Diamond Award and Queen’s Scout Award; as well as Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards. These are available here.

UCAS Education Information Profiles (EIPs)

UCAS have reviewed their Education Information Profiles and as a result are no longer listing our Top Awards and the Young Leader Scheme on their website. We’ve been assured by UCAS the skills and achievements that young people gain through these awards and schemes are still valued by higher education providers. The best place to capture any activities that are not covered elsewhere in their applications is the personal statement. UCAS have an interactive personal statement tool which can help members construct their statement and ensure that these achievements are captured.


At the conference we spoke about the huge variety of grants that could be used to support young people and adults with Top Awards. The presentation that was used can be viewed here. If you would like to apply for a grant or find out any more details about the grants and processes then head to www.scouts.org.uk/grants .

Top Awards Supporter Stats

At the same time as receving your notification of registrations for the Top Awards next month you will receive a data summary of all the Top Awards within your county. This will have a summary of your registrations and completions for QSA, DofE and Explorer Belt over the last couple of years.


Hampshire DofE/QSA Training:
Residential 2019:
Open Access Gold Expeditions

Go Outdoors

We were fortunate enough to have staff from Go Outdoors attend on the day to promote their partnership with the Scouts. If anyone wants any more information, resources or would like to place an enquiry for an order then fill in this form and send it back to the email address provided, take into your local store to pass on, or post to:

Cuthbert House, Arley Street, Sheffield, S11 4QP 

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