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Moving on from Scouts to Explorer Scouts

Although the Explorer Scout section being at District level helps young people to widen their friendship circle and access greater opportunities, it can make the transition a little more challenging. But, through quality programmes and volunteers communicating, working together and planning ahead, more young people can be supported to move on. Whether you’re the Scout Leader, Explorer Scout Leader, District Explorer Scout Commissioner, or another role, you have an important part to play in the process.
Take a look at this moving on timeline for ideas, and adapt to what works best for your District.

Read some top tips to help support the transition below:

1. Run a linking activity or event – Running an activity or event that includes both older Scouts and Explorers is a great way for Scouts to learn about the opportunities available as an Explorer Scout in their District, meet current Explorer Scouts and build their confidence.

Not sure where to start?  Read about some examples of linking events or download this guide to planning a linking event.

2. Plan a transition period – The Moving On Award provides a structure for the transition. Over at least three weeks, Scouts should attend both Scout and Explorer meetings and find out Explorer Scouts in their District.

It is beneficial for the Explorer Scout Leaders and District Explorer Scout Commissioner to work with the local Scout Leaders, to plan the best time to do this.  Scouts can move on anytime from 13.5 to 14.5 years, and this flexibility ensures they can move up at a time that is right for them (for example, along with their friends). It may sometimes be appropriate to extend this flexibility for young people with additional needs, and further information on this can be found here.

3. Celebrate membership of Explorers – Why not go to a unique location to invest new Explorers into the section? Make sure Explorers understand how they can shape their programme and make the most of all of the great opportunities available to them through their top awards.

What can you do in your role?

Here are some specific ideas on how you can support moving on in your role.

Scout Leaders

 Explorer Leaders

District Explorer Scout Commissioner and Assistant District Commissioner (Scouts)

District Explorer Scout Commissioner


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