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GDPR Step 10: Publish your privacy stance

Version 1.1, October 2018

This resource aims to provide local Scout Groups, Districts, Counties/Areas/Regions (Scotland) with guidance on the creation of a privacy notice/policy.  A privacy notice/policy is a document that explains to the data subject your data privacy stance.

Further clarification on the terms used for data privacy policies and notices within the Scouts can be found on our GDPR FAQ page.

This resource breaks down into a number of statements that are answers to the questions around what data you process in Scouting, how you do it and why you need it.  This should be made available to anyone who your Scout Group, District or County/Area/Region (Scotland) collects and processes data on.  It can be a page on your local website if you have one and should be easy to find, such as a link from the front page or printed copies made available if you do not have a local website or for those without internet access.

By using the wording within the resource, you should be able to construct your own privacy notice/policy specific to your local Scout Group, District or County/Area/Region (Scotland).  You will be required to add information specific to your local circumstances as well as removing some of the information which is not relevant to your Scout Group, District or County/Area/Region (Scotland).

Download the guidance on the creation of a privacy notice/policy here.

The Scout Association's policy can be found online.


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