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European Jamboree 2020

The next European Scout Jamboree will take place in Poland during the summer 2020. Building on the fantastic programme developed as part of their World Scout Jamboree bids, the Scouts and Guides of Poland would like you to join them for 11 days of activities; combining the chance to develop new skills, make new friends from across Europe and experience Poland’s culture.

Information for Counties and Unit Leaders

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m interested in attending the European Jamboree. Where do I go to find out more?

If you want to attend as an Explorer Scout, Unit Leader, or International Service Team member you need to find out whether your local County (or Nation in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland) is planning to send a Unit to the event by visiting their website or contact your Assistant County Commissioner (International) to find out more. If you are based in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland, plase contact your Nation’s International Commissioner.

How much does the Jamboree cost?

Jamboree tickets:
The Jamboree ticket rate is 1850 PLN (approx £376) per participant or 1250 PLN (approx £255) per IST member. According to the EJ2020.org website the deposit per contingent is 10% of the total, which must be paid by Thursday 31 January 2019. More information can be found in Bulletin 2 of EJ2020.org.

Additional costs:
Each County or Nation will add additional costs to members’ fees, according to the needs of that County’s Unit. Costs will include travel, insurance, kit and equipment, any pre- or post- Jamboree activities.

What are the age limits?

It is at the Unit leaders' discretion whether to take an Explorer Scout who is slightly younger than 14. Please bear in mind that the programme of activities at the Jamboree is designed for young people between 14 and 18 years old.

How do Counties select participants?

Although it is up to individual Counties and Nations to decide how they select their participants, we offer the following advice to help with the process:
  1. Diversity-enabling selection: We strongly encourage Counties and Nations to consider diversity and accessibility when selecting people - particularly to ensure that they address barriers to attendance from specific groups, such as Scouts from less wealthy backgrounds, Scouts of different genders, and religions, and Scouts from different Districts and areas within your County.

  2. Existing Guidance: Take a look at the Young Person selection guidance written by the UK Contingent to the World Scout Jamboree.

Can a County apply to take more than a full Unit?

If a County wishes to take more than a full Unit, the coordination team will ask them to consider what actions they can take to ensure that their Units are accessible and inclusive, particularly to young people from less wealthy socio-economic backgrounds.

For County leaders to request further places, please send an email to Mags and Tomasz at european.jamboree@scouts.org.uk specifying which County you represent, and how many additional patrols you would like to apply for, plus how many IST.

What if a County wants to take a partial Unit?

If a County wants to take a partial Unit, they will need to combine with another County (preferably one located in a similar region of the UK) in a similar situation to create a cross-counties-unit, to which each of two counties provides a number of patrols to make up the full Unit size.

If you represent an English County wishing to combine a partial Unit with another County, Mags and Tomasz at european.jamboree@scouts.org.uk can advise which other counties you may wish to talk to.

Can Districts send their own Units?

Units are formed at the County level, if a District is keen to arrange a Unit then they need to speak to their County leaders. Counties are, however, empowered to delegate the organisation of their Unit(s) to District representatives where appropriate.

What does a standard Unit look like?

A standard UK Unit will include 4 adult Unit Leaders, 36 Explorer Scouts (divided into 4 patrols of 9), and 5 adult International Service Team members.

Will the Jamboree organisers in Poland be providing any equipment to contingents?

The organisers of the European Jamboree aim to provide some kit. More detail will be confirmed on ej2020.org at a later date.

Will there be standard uniform and badges for this event?

If you attend the European Jamboree, you will be representing your local County (or Nation, in the case of Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland), not the UK as a whole. Counties and Nations are permitted to create their own brand identity for this trip, or may choose to rely on standard Scout Association or local District/group uniforms for their Units. To purchase standard Scout Association uniforms and other kit, please visit Scout Store.

Can Girl Guides attend?

If Guides are interested in attending the European Jamboree, they need to get in contact with their GGUK representatives to find out whether any Guide Units in their region are planning on attending the Jamboree.


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