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� Global - a definition

'International' implies things which happen outside the UK. However 'Global' recognises that the world is getting smaller, that what's happening in one part of the world affects us and what we do in the UK can affect other parts of the world.

The decisions and actions taken locally can increasingly affect people in other parts of the world. Think about the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the music we listen to and the television programmes we watch, they all offer us insights into how our lives have been 'globalised'.

We want to encourage young people to increase their understanding of the links between the personal, local and global and promote their active participation in actions to bring about change towards greater equity and justice.

Please do not be daunted!! Why not try this three step process to enrich your programme and further global awareness within Scouting.

  1. Raise awareness, to explain the context and use suitable activities to make necessary points. Check out these pages for links to activities and resources from within Scouting and a number of external agencies working in this field.
  2. Accept responsibility for a better future through discussion and debate. All of the Agencies have good support information within their activity packs and resources as well as on their websites and you can use this as a basis for discussion.
  3. Take action to make it happen. There are a whole variety of ways that young people can take action.
    • They can inform other young people and members of their community (running activities, do a display, contact their local paper etc),
    • change the way they do things (conserve energy, buy Fair Trade goods, use less water etc),
    • take part in an Agency Campaign (ie Save the Children's campaign to Beat Poverty, Unicef's campaign to end Child Exploitation etc) or
    • take part in an International Day of Awareness (ie World Aids Day, World Fair Trade Day, Red Nose Day etc)

The possibilities are endless! Think what is happening in the news, think of food, think of sport, think of music and TV, think of outdoor activities and the environment- its all global! Have a look through the following pages and incorporate a global dimension to your programme.



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