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Inviting parents along

Focus on the three main parent groups and target them in different ways to get them involved in your camp.

Parents on the rota

Go through the list of parents who occasionally help with your section. What do they enjoy? What would they be good at? What defined role can you give them at camp? Parents who are already engaged with the group are prime targets for converting into sectional assistants.

About the sectional assistant role

Sectional assistants have roles which can be tailored to the demands of the scout group according to the role description. They are flexible roles but committed additions to the adult volunteer team. Sectional assistants are members or associate members of The Scout Association giving them access to benefits like Scouting magazine, Scouting Plus, a higher level of insurance coverage and training to support them in their role. They also accrue service for their role in Scouting.

If you don’t have a parent rota, why not start one?

The wider pool

Think about all parents of young people in your section or group. You may not know much about some of them, but this is your chance to find out more. Start spending some time at the beginning and end of meetings talking to the parents. The ones who haven’t helped before are your target candidates to get helping on the camp for the first time. Try to find out the following to build up a picture of them so you can tailor the invitation:

-    Their skills
-    What time they have available
-    What they are interested in and motivated by
-    Their previous scouting experience.

Use the information you gather to determine which parents you really want on your camp. You’ll have a good picture of their interests, skills and characteristics, so tailor your invitation carefully.

After the camp you’ll be asking them to help occasionally, maybe by agreeing to go on the parent rota. And you’ll definitely want them to sign up for the next camp you’re planning.

Tip: Ask assistant leaders to start and end the meeting so that you have time to speak to parents. If parents are usually keen to drop off/pick up their children, start inviting them in for the end of the meeting.

The ‘veterans’

If you’ve run a Big Adventure, or involved parents at camp before, think about the parents who helped out the last time.

You can download posters, flyers and invitations for your camp from the Big Adventure area of the print centre.

The ask

Use this script as the basis for inviting individual parents along to the wow meeting about your camp. Use the information you’ve gathered about them during informal chats at the start and end of meetings.

Download the script

>> The wow meeting


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