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Doing things safely is fundamental to everything we do in Scouting and our responsibilities are highlighted in the Safety Policy in chapter 2 of POR.  It should become a natural way of thinking, rather than an ‘add-on’ to our planning.

All adults in Scouting undertake training which includes content to help them deliver safe Scouting, find out here what training is available.

Planning and Assessing Risk

The sense of adventure is at the heart of good Scouting and a key reason for so many young people and adults to join.

Careful planning will not only help you to identify possible hazards but will enable you to correctly identify what resources and equipment you may need and the people required. There are a number of simple tools here to make that process easier for you.

Delivering Safe Scouting
Accidents are most likely to happen at your normal meeting place or during free time

Emergencies and Reporting
Its important to know what to do in an emergency and what plans to have in place before an activity to ensure that you can respond efficiently should one arise.


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