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What makes a good manager in Scouting?

You might not think of yourself as a ’manager’. But as a Group Scout Leader or Commissioner, you are.

Some people argue that using the word ‘manager’ makes Scouting seem more like work than a hobby. But this misses the point that good management in Scouting is about providing effective support and good leadership to our adult volunteers so that they can get the most out of their volunteering.

A good manager in Scouting provides other adults with an excellent Scouting experience. They support adults working directly with young people so that they are motivated, inspired and focused on providing first-class Scouting opportunities for young people. A good manager thanks our volunteers for all their hard work and helps make sure we keep them.

Scouting is about making life better, and this approach comes from the top.

Your role is to provide direction and to help people see the bigger picture by providing great leadership for the future.

What we’re doing

We believe that everyone in management positions in Scouting should adopt an approach that combines the skills of both leadership and management.

We’ve identified six key skill areas that make a good manager in Scouting and are focusing management support on these areas. These six areas (below) are based on the National Occupational Standards for Management and Leadership produced by the Management Standards Centre.

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The six aspects of good scouting leadership and management

  1. Providing direction

    A good manager in Scouting will create a vision for Scouting in their area and provide clear leadership to implement that vision. Find out more...

  2. Working with people

    A good manager in Scouting will create a team spirit and work effectively with people in their area based on trust and the fundamentals of Scouting. Find out more...

  3. Achieving results

    A good manager in Scouting will ensure that goals are achieved, plans are seen through to completion and that good relationships are maintained with parents of young people in Scouting and the local community.

  4. Enabling change

    A good manager in Scouting will encourage people to think of creative ways to improve scouting in their area and then implement the appropriate improvements.  Find out more...

  5. Using resources

    A good manager in Scouting will ensure that sufficient resources and information are available to help people in their area to provide excellent scouting. Find out more...

  6. Managing your time and personal skills

    A good manager in Scouting will use their time effectively and continue to learn and improve the skills that they bring to their role.

To find out more

For further information on the six key skill areas that make a good manager in Scouting please download the document A Detailed Briefing on Leadership and Management in Scouting (PDF).


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