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Legal Services Department

The following pages provide information about the Legal Services Department for UK Headquarters and The Scout Association Trust Corporation.

You will also find useful, downloadable legal documents for your own use.

This section is being developed and further information will be added in due course.

About the Legal Services Department

The Legal Services Department acts as solicitor for UK Headquarters and The Scout Association Trust Corporation (SATC), which holds title to approximately 5,000 properties as Custodian Trustee on behalf of Scout Units (Groups, Districts and Counties). The department also provides general legal advice to the Scouting Movement where applicable.

In operating as a charity and due to the logistics involved, The Scout Association is only able to provide a limited legal service to members or Scout Units. While the department can provide general advice, it is unable to enter into negotiations or act as solicitor on behalf of members or Scout Units.

Fortunately, most issues do get resolved with the assistance of general advice. However, where more detailed assessment is required or members or Scout Units have any doubts about the legalities involved, they are advised to either enter into negotiations directly or consider instructing a local solicitor.

Obtaining detailed legal advice from the start may be necessary in certain situations, for example in matters involving land or property, sales, purchases or perhaps in matters where court proceedings are already underway. In cases such as these, Scout Units may be unable to avoid legal costs arising. However, in most other matters, The Scout Association always encourages members to attempt to resolve matters quickly and amicably with a view to avoiding any undue legal costs.

The Legal Services Department can be contacted at: trust.corporation@scouts.org.uk. Please address any urgent queries or concerns to the Head of Legal in the first instance.

The below pages contain information on:

Legal FAQs

For further information about the key legal advice, please read our legal FAQs.


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