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Programme updates

Below is a list of recent updates to the Programme. If you are looking for information about the Programme refresh in 2015, please click here.

All of the badges and awards in the Programme are on a rolling review schedule, where we aim to review each badge or award around every five years.  This is to ensure that we have opportunity to review and respond to feedback from the Movement, and ensure the badges and awards remain relevant and fit for purpose.  

If you have any questions, please contact programme@scouts.org.uk.

January 2018

The following updates have been made to the programme, as part of the rolling review process. This is in response to feedback from members and to ensure that the programme remains up-to-date and relevant. Specific feedback was collected through the Activities and Badge rolling review start up surveys and recent pre-launch check consultation.

New badges

These four new badges have been developed and launched:

The requirements for these new badges are now available, and can be included in your programme. The physical badges are in production and will become available as soon as practicable. We will let you know when these are available through your Scouting+ email.

Update sheets are available to slot into your badge books, whilst the updates to these resources are being made. To download the PDFs, click the links below.

Updates to Beaver badge book (PDF)
Updates to Cub badge book (PDF)
Updates to Scout badge book (PDF)
Updates to Explorer badge book (PDF)

The new badge details have been passed onto the owner of the My Badges app. We have requested that they update the app with these changes.

Updated badge requirements

The requirements of the following badges have been updated. There is a transition period of 12 months, until 31January 2019, to move to the new requirements, but you can use them as soon as it is practical for your programme.

Both the previous and the new badge requirements will be available on the website pages during the transition period, and resources, including badge books will be updated when they are reprinted. Update sheets are available to slot into your badge books in the meantime. To download the PDFs, click the links above. 

The updated requirements have been passed onto the owner of the My Badges app. We have requested that they update the app with these changes.





Discontinued badges

The snowsports badges have been reviewed and a Staged Snowsports Activity Badge for all sections has been developed and launched. The following activity badges will be discontinued and will no longer be available from 31 January 2019:



Badges with no changes

The following badges have been reviewed, but no changes are being made:

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and Explorer Scout Young Leaders

There have been a number of updates to the way in which the DofE programme operates, including the lower age limit for participants. The Scout Association have updated the two DofE rules in POR, along with the rules relating to the appointment of Explorer Scout Young Leaders, to clarify how this works within Scouting. In addition, minor updates to wording of rules relating to Young Leaders have been made, to reinforce that they are part of the Explorer Scout section.

There are also some updates to reflect the transition of ScoutsCymru into the national DofE licence held by The Scout Association.

The following resources have been created:
The following updates have been made to POR rules and resources:

October 2017

Revised Cub Logbook

The Cub Logbook has been updated in response to members feedback from the recent Your Programme, Your Voice survey. To find out more click here.

August 2017

Update to Quality Programme Checkers

The Quality Programme Checkers have been updated to include information on the definition of Quality Programme.  A Quality Programme Checker for Explorer Scout Young Leaders has also been added. Find out more and download the Quality Programme Checkers here.

June 2017

New resource on the topic of refugees

A new Refugee Response Resource, which contains information and activities to explore this topic with young people, can be downloaded from this page.

Updated Reach the Top resource

The Reach the Top support guide has been updated. This document now offers support for members who are working towards their Chief Scout's Platinum and Diamond Awards, in addition to the Queen's Scout Award. It also contains all information for Explorer Scouts, Scout Network members, Leaders and Commissioners in once place. Find out more and download the resource here.

March 2017

New logbook for Beaver Scouts

Launch of the My Beaver Adventures Logbook, a new resource created in response to feedback from Members. This is a logbook for young people to record their adventures and achievements in Beavers. It is a new resource, and complements the Beavers Adventure All The Way book, which is aimed at young people wishing to join the section. This resource has been developed with the support of a number of Colonies across the UK. It is available to order from Scout Shops here.

Further information about this resource and it's development, can be found in the PDF file here.

New peer leadership resources

Launch of new guidance and resources to support peer leadership in the sections. For more information, click here.

January 2017

Adventure Challenge Awards (Beavers, Cubs and Scouts)

Minor changes to the lists of example adventurous activities and outside activities, within the My Adventure Challenge Award for Beavers, the Our Adventure Challenge Award for Cubs and the Adventure Challenge Award for Scouts. This is following consultation and internal review, as part of the rolling review process. Additional guidance will also to be developed to sit alongside these Awards.

Scout World Faiths Activity Badge

Minor amendments to wording in the World Faiths Activity Badge for the Scout section, to make this badge inclusive of Scouts who do not have a faith, or do not attend a place of worship.  For example, changing ‘visit a place of worship for a faith other than your own’ to ‘visit a place of worship for a faith that you are not familiar with’.

Chief Scout's Platinum, Diamond and Queen's Scout Award updates

The IEV lists which are part of the Chief Scout’s Platinum Award, the Chief Scout’s Diamond Award, and the Queen’s Scout Award, have been updated, following feedback from Members and consultation. The following updates have been made:

Members currently working towards their IEV list or who have been preparing to do so, can continue as planned.  The changes aim to extend the range of activities a Member can complete for this award, and make the experience of completing the activities relevant and valuable.

Links to the ICV lists are provided below:

Chief Scout's Platinum Award: ICV list

Chief Scout's Diamond Award: ICV list

Queen's Scout Award: ICV list

In support of this the Adventure Begins Resource for DofE has also been updated.

Royal Air Force Recognition Scheme

The Royal Air Force Recognition Scheme, for Air Scout Groups/Units, has been refreshed to ensure Groups/Units have an easier process to follow in order to become and maintain recognition. The inspections have now become reviews and are only required every three years. The relevant webpages and resources have been amended to reflect all these changes. 

Royal Navy Recognition Scheme

The Royal Navy Recognition Scheme has been refreshed to ensure Sea Scout Groups/Units receive more support from the Royal Navy. The inspections have now become biennial reviews and are undertaken by a serving officers connected with University Royal Navy Units (URNUs) or local Armed Forces Careers Offices (AFCOs).  This will mean that there is more local support available for RN groups from the Royal Navy. The relevant webpages and resources have been amended to reflect all these changes.

October 2016

Digital Citizen and Digital Maker Staged Activity Badges (Beavers to Explorers)

Updates to the requirements of the Digital Citizen and Digital Maker Staged Activity Badges, available to Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers, to ensure they are up-to-date and relevant.

May 2016

Beaver Health and Fitness Activity Badge (new)

In response to feedback from the Movement, a new Activity Badge was introduced for the Beaver section. Find the requirements for the Beaver Health and Fitness Badge here.


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