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Awards Advisory Groups

Who are the National Awards Advisory Group?

In July 2018 we appointed the National Awards Advisory Group (NAAG), led by its Chair, Graham Haddock whose role is to ensure the group meets its purpose to review and make decisions on award nominations.

The NAAG will support the Scout’s award schemes, as well as the national honours and other external award schemes. They will also be able to support and provide guidance to local Scouting with awards and recognitions of service, as well as considering the nominations for specific awards and making recommendations to the Chief Scout. They will also monitor rules and procedures concerning awards and recognition.

Click here to meet the National Awards Advisory Group and find out how to contact them.

How will Local Awards Advisory Groups work?

To support the Commissioner in the decision making for awards, Commissioners are encouraged (but not required) to set up a Local Award Advisory Group (LAAG).

LAAGs can support the Commissioner in the process of recommendation, decision and administration of award nominations, ensuring the processes and Award criteria are met remains the responsibility of the relevant Commissioner at all times.

Where a Commissioner wishes to use a LAAG in a District, County, Area or Region, the group will be responsible to the District/County/Area or Region (Scotland) Commissioner and will:

Members of Local Awards Advisory Groups

The following membership should be considered as a minimum in the formation of any LAAG:

The number of members required on a LAAG will be for the Commissioner to determine but the following guidance may be useful.

Members of the LAAG are appointed by the Commissioner.

(Please click here for the LAAG member Role Description)

Terms of Office

In order to provide continuity it is recommended that some members within the group are appointed for two years, with others being given three-year terms. Any Chair could serve an additional three years (six years being the maximum).

The role can now be recorded on Compass. The role is called Award Advisory Group Member and can be found at District, County/Area/Region (Scotland) and County levels.

Can I share a Local Awards Advisory Group?

In areas where forming an Awards Advisory Group might prove challenging (due to numbers or location) an Awards Advisory Group could be appointed to cover more than one area. The Commissioners involved would need to agree on the process of appointment and membership.

For example, two Districts may come together to form one Awards Advisory Group to support both District Commissioners with their awards. Alternatively, an Awards Advisory Group could be formed at County/Area/Region (Scotland) level to support a number of Districts or at a Region/County level to support a number of Counties/Areas/Regions (Scotland). The focus will be on what works best for each area.

How often should the group meet?

From January 2019 there will be four cut-off dates per year for the notification of awards approved by Commissioners, together with nominations for any awards to be considered by the National Awards Advisory Group. LAAGs should plan their schedule of meetings to support the Commissioner in meeting these deadlines:

Submission deadline
Awards dispatched (to Counties)

Awards upload to Compass

 31 March

 By 31 May

 By 31 July

 30 June

 By 31 August

 By 31 October

 30 September

 By 30 November

 By 31 January
31 DecemberBy 28/29 February

 By 30 April

How might the District/County/Regional (Scotland) Commissioner make best use of the LAAG?

There are a number of options available to the Commissioner in making full use of the LAAG set up, some of which are included below.

The key consideration is to ensure that the Commissioner seeks to set up a process to support them in their responsibilities in relation to Scout Awards.

Key contacts for support:



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