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Weekly summary of communications

Headquarters communications summary

Week ending 22 June


Managers Email- June 2018- 19 June

To: County/Area/Regional Commissioners, District Commissioners and Group Scout Leaders

News and Blogs
New UK Youth Commissioner starting in September- 22 June

Use your vote - UK Parliament Week- 21 June

Badge Support| Cyclist and Mountain Biking Activity Badge- 20 June


Week ending 15 June


Throwbag Safety Notice- 15 June

To: Campsite managers and wardens, ACC/ADC Activities, Water Activity Advisers, and Canoeing/ kayaking/ dinghy sailing/ windsurfing/ traditional rafting/ pulling assessors and permit holders.

News and Blogs
All kinds of minds: interview with Temple Grandin- 15 June

Badge support | Gardening and Farming Activity Badges- 14 June

10 things we love: How you’re using our new brand and visual identity across the UK- 13 June


Week ending 8 June


June monthly membership email- 5 June

To: All members

This is a copy with information for all roles and interests, you will have received an issue tailored to your own roles and interests set on Compass

News and Blogs
Skills to succeed: setting goals, running your own race and why teamwork counts- 7 June

A new member of the gang- 7 June

RAF Scout takeover days: how to get involved- 7 June


Week ending 1 June

News and Blogs
Young leader interview – 4 June

Gift Aid – 30 May


Headquarters communications summary

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