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Participant programme and activities

The jamboree programme for participants is split into three main areas:

  1. The jamboree programme
  2. Home Hospitality
  3. Mimasu Tokyo

HoHo and the Mimasu Tokyo Experiences’ will be offered either side of the jamboree but the experience will be the same regardless of when you are doing it.

Jamboree programme

The Scouts Association of Japan is offering a wealth of activities as part of the jamboree programme.  Please see the programme activities listed below.

Peace Programme
This is a one day off-site programme to Hiroshima that will provide opportunity for all the participants to learn from the events of 1945. Participants will visit Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and the Peace Museum giving Scouts the opportunity to learn about the value and meaning of Hiroshima’s ongoing peace programme.
As 2015 is the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombing of cities in Japan, the Scouts of Japan  are exploring the possibility to representative Scouts, possibly one from each national Scout organisation, to attend the Peace Memorial Ceremony in Hiroshima.

Global Development Village (GDV)
GDV will be an on-site programme activity, which raises awareness of global issues such as peace, the environment, development, human rights and health. As the jamboree will be held in Japan, GDV main focus will be on disaster mitigation.   The GDV programme will be distributed to the world as pre-event materials, as well as being part of the Join-in-Jamboree programme.

Exploring Nature
This part of the programme will focus on participants gaining a deeper understanding of the surrounding nature and the appreciation and consideration for the environment we all live in.

Cross Road of Culture (CRC)
CRC will promote the exchange of cultures and respect for the differences in cultures amongst participants. The programme will aim at deepening the cultural understanding of Japan ranging from traditions to popular culture.

City of Science (COS)
COS is a one-day activity that aims to deepen the understanding of advances in science and technology including the benefits and issues associated with science. This programme provides a platform for learning about the development of fuel cells and other energy sources for the future, ecological problems, robotics and automotive technologies.

Community Services
During this is a one day activity participants will look at differences in communities across the globe. They will experience the real Japan by working with the local people to make improvements to the area surrounding the jamboree site. Participants will be able to experience the real Japan by working with local people.

Water Activities
No jamboree is complete without water activities.  These will include water based activities on offer for participants, these include sailing, wind surfing, snorkeling, rafting and fishing.

HoHo – Home Hospitality
We are delighted to be able to offer Home Hospitality (HoHo) for the UK Contingent and are working with the Scouts Association of Japan to provide Home Hospitality for all Unit members across Japan.  This is an exciting opportunity for participants to live with Japanese families and see first-hand how they live, work and socialise. Participants will stay in pairs with Japanese Scouting families and will learn about the day to day life of young people in Japan, celebrating their similarities and differences and often creating friendships, spanning the globe.  HoHo is the ultimate cultural crossover that also offers a great opportunity to understand other cultures and to make friends from around the world.

Mimasu Tokyo – This means ‘to see Tokyo’
We are excited to offer the Mimasu Tokyo Experience for the UK Contingent. This time will be spent exploring the capital city, using the transport system, seeing the sights and eating Japanese food.  Mimasu Tokyo will offer a mixture of both programmed activity and some free time for participants to explore the city within smaller groups.  This exciting and varied programme will consist of cultural, traditional and sporting activities unique to Japan.


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