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The adult appointment process begins when an adult decides they would like to volunteer as a member of the Scouts.

If you are interested in joining the Scouts click here.

This page outlines the process for an adult to become a member of the Scouts.

The four ‘approval’ parts of the process are:
1)    The disclosure check
2)    The reference
3)    Approval of Appointments Advisory Committee or Executive Committee
4)    Commissioner’s approval 

Not all of these steps are appropriate for all roles. The appointments requirements for each role can be found in POR: The Appointments Process at scouts.org.uk/por.

The Appointments Process and Compass - information for Appointment Secretaries

Certain member roles (check access here) can enter a new adult’s details directly into Compass, speeding up the time taken for the appointments process. They are able to enter initial information about the new adult and if appropriate the data needed to complete their Disclosure check. This will give the new adult a pre-provisional status but any further progress in the appointments process requires the intervention of the Appointments Secretary as before. If the processor will not be meeting up with the applicant themselves, the adult information form should be completed by the applicant. This is available to order from Scout Store or to download from scouts.org.uk/appointmentforms

Once per day Appointment Secretaries will be notified via an alert within Compass of any new added adults or new roles to adults in their area of responsibility.  This will allow Appointment Secretaries to still keep track of new volunteers and manage the process (including initiating and tracking disclosure checking and arranging interviews), but will mean less data entry.

1. Disclosure check (if appropriate)
To find specific advice on disclosure checks in your Country please see the 'Disclosures by Country' page.

2. References (if appropriate)
Reference requests can be automatically emailed to the referee from Compass, with the replies coming direct to the Appointment Secretary who will update the references section within Compass.  However if the referee does not have an email address the current reference request process can still be used, with Compass being updated once the references have been received.

3. Appointments Advisory Committee or Executive Committee (if appropriate)
Approval of Appointments Advisory Committee or Executive Committee:
Appointment Secretaries remain responsible for updating the status of Appointments Advisory Committee or Executive Committee approval.

4. Commissioner Approval (if appropriate)

Appointment Secretaries or Commissioners will still be responsible for updating the status of the Commissioner’s approval, it can be decided locally who will enter this data on Compass.

The adult information form can be used to capture the initial data needed for adding a new adult to Compass, however this will not include space to capture identity details required for disclosures checks, as this information needs to be input onto the system directly by the person checking the ID. Or completed offline for disclosure checks in Scotland and Northern Ireland as per the current arrangements.

Once all of the appointment steps have been completed the role will move to provisional status giving them limited access to some functionality until their role has become full through validating Getting Started Training.

Further resources on appointing adults with disabilities can be found here.

Information for Appointment Committees on Scout Network

All 18 - 25 year olds in a membership role will now become Scout Network members too.

For information about Scout Network for Appointments Committees can be found here.

Further information

For specific concerns, contact the Scout Information Centre on info.centre@scout.org.uk or 0345 300 1818.

Last updated: January 2019.


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