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Youth Shaped Scouting

To meet our Vision Toward 2018, young people across all ages will have the chance to have their voice heard on all aspects of Scouting, including programme and activity planning and the way that their Group is run.

This is to ensure that Scouting meets their needs and remains relevant to their interests.

Youth involvement includes young people doing the following:

Are you the Nominated Youth Representative (NYR) for your County/Area/Region?

If you signed up and attended #WeShape, the Council in Conference that followed The Scout Association's AGM on Saturday 12 September we hope you enjoyed it. It was a fun, interactive afternoon looking at the opportunities for Scouting over the next 18 months and how we can achieve our strategic plan by delivering our updated Programme.

If you couldn't attend catch up on all of the action here.

Why is youth involvement important?

In order for the Vision to be achieved, young people need to become more actively involved in every aspect of Scouting, which will allow the Movement to continue to grow and meet the needs of young people.

It will also help leaders to keep their section growing and interested. We don’t know what the needs and interests of young people are until we ask them, and improving youth involvement will give leaders more opportunities to find out what young people actually want.

The climbing wall of youth involvement

The climbing wall has been created to assist the development of youth involvement in Scouting, and identifies seven steps for youth involvement.

It is important to understand that improving youth involvement is not simply a case of moving up the wall and staying there; it is a fluid model, and your position on the wall will change over time and as the young people in your section change.

For example, when the young people in your section are new they will require more guidance, and the activity, for example planning a camp, will be at a lower level on the wall.

As your young people begin to use their initiative more for subsequent events then your section will move up the wall, but when these young people move on and new members join, the process may start again.

Your section can also be at different levels for different activities. These are some examples of how activities within a Cub Pack can be at different levels, and these examples can be applied to all sections:

Anything above and including level 4 is classed as youth involvement, and for some activities, level 5 or 6 may be the most appropriate, so you do not always have to achieve level 7 in everything your unit does for effective youth involvement to be in place.

Youth involvement is about giving young people the opportunity to get involved; the level at which they do this needs to be right for you, your Leadership team and the young people themselves.

Download the Climbing wall of youth involvement (jpg) and the Climbing Wall Handout

Youth Involvement Toolkit

There are activities available to support adult leaders to enable young people in the section to share their views and shape their Scouting experiences. There are activities for all five sections and these can be found in Programmes Online (POL) and by searching ‘youth involvement’.  


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