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A Day of Celebration and Achievement

The next  day of celebration and achievement will be held on the 28th April 2019

What is 'A day of celebration'?

This event dates back nearly 80 years and recognises the outstanding achievements of both adults and young people through a parade and service held annually within Windsor Castle by gift of Her Majesty the Queen.

Each year this celebration brings together various groups and their invited guests to share in this prestigious and special event. We have the pleasure of recognising Queen's Scouts, who have worked hard to achieve the highest youth award within Scouting, and Gallantry award holders, who have been nominated for their bravery and heroism. It also celebrates adult award holders, who have been recognised for their outstanding contribution to Scouting as a volunteer.


Mattin is a church service held on the morning of the parade in St Georges Chapel within the grounds of Windsor Castle. The event is attended by invited members of scouting and members of the public.

Invited Silver Wolf holders are guaranteed a place to attend this service with some other award holders invited to enter a ballot to take part in the morning Mattins service in St George's Chapel, however space is limited and so a ballot will take place to assign these tickets.
More Information will be given within your letter of invitation.

Who attends?

Queen's Scouts
Young people who have achieved the Queen's Scout Award, and who have not been invited to Windsor before, will be invited to attend and form the parade for the event.
They will march into the Quadrangle at Windsor Castle where the parade will be reviewed by Her Majesty the Queen or her representative.
The parade will then march through the castle and down to St George's Chapel, where they will take part in the National Scout Service before exiting the castle.
Queen's Scouts who have indicated that they want to bring along a guest will be guaranteed one guest ticket which will permit their guest access to view the parade within the Quadrangle. Further quadrangle tickets will be distributed depending on the number of Queen's Scouts attending, this cannot be confirmed until close of applications. Any further guests will be offered Lower Ward tickets.

Each Queen's Scout will be invited for up to four years following the completion of the award. However, once they have attended they will no longer be invited to future events.

Queen's Scout Award holders will be sent an invitation by email at the start of March.
If you would like to attend you need to accept by the deadline (as outlined in the invitation email) using the online form. Once the deadline has passed, further information will be sent out with event tickets.

Adult Award Holders
Adults who have been recognised for their good service and contribution to Scouting through the St George's Day awards will be invited to apply to attend.

These awards are as followed:
  • Silver Acorn
  • Bar to the Silver Acorn
  • Silver Wolf
The level of award will determine the elements of the day that you are invited to. All Adult Award Holders will be invited (with a guest) to the Quadrangle to view the parade and review. Silver Wolf recipients are guaranteed a Mattins ticket.
Some other award holders will be permitted to take part in the morning Mattins service in St George's Chapel, but space is limited and so a ballot will take place to assign these tickets.
More Information will be given within your letter of invitation.

Approximately three months before the event, St George's Day award recipients will receive a letter inviting them to apply for tickets.
If you would like to attend, you will need to accept by the specified deadline using the methods outlined in the invitation letter. Following this date, the tickets will be allocated and further information and tickets will be sent out in the month preceding the event.
Once the parade has left the quadrangle, the award holders and guests are invited to move down to Lower Ward where they will be able to listen to the National Scout Service relayed from St George's Chapel.

Gallantry Award Holders
Adults and young people who have been rewarded for their bravery and courage through Gallantry and Meritorious Conduct awards will be invited to watch the review from a special enclosure within the Quadrangle.
These awards are as followed:

  • Chief Scout's Commendation for Meritorious Conduct
  • Medal of Meritorious Conduct
  • Gilt Cross
  • Silver Cross
  • Bronze Cross
  • Cornwell Scout Badge
Several gallantry award holders will be introduced to the reviewing officer and the Chief Scout. Once the review has taken place, they will join the back of the parade, then exit the Castle and make their way to the Harte and Garter Hotel for their reception.

Invitations will be sent out approximately three months before the event. In order to attend the event, you should follow the instructions contained within the invitation to apply by the specified deadline. Following the deadline, further information and tickets will be sent to applicants.

Association guests
As our biggest annual national event, a number of guests of the Scouts will be invited to join in the celebrations. Some will take part in the Mattins service, while others will join in the Quadrangle to watch the parade and review before taking part in the National Scout Service. This will include Commissioners, Ambassadors and others who are supporters of Scouting.

About The Parade

In the morning, Queen's Scouts form up in Victoria Barracks for a rehearsal, while some Adult Award Holders take part in a Mattins service in St George's Chapel.
Around midday, the Quadrangle (a private area, which is a privilege for us to use) fills with approximately 2,000 award holders and guests. Here they take part in and view the National Scout Parade and review. The Queen's Scouts then parade into the Quadrangle and the review takes place before the parade moves down to St George's Chapel for the National Scout Service.

Additional guests join at the Lower Ward to watch the Parade and take part in the service as it is relayed over the PA system to the crowds outside. Finally, the Parade moves out of the castle and back to the Royal Mews.

How can I take part in the event?

Each year we recruit Queen's Scout Award holders to take a leading role in ‘A Day of Celebration and Achievement’. We're looking for enthusiastic individuals who'll take on a variety of exciting and challenging roles within the event.
  • Colour Party (16-26)
  • Service Team (16-26)
  • Section Leader 18 +

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